You will need
  • - ovulation test;
  • gynecologist you trust;
  • - sexual partner.
Talk with your doctor. Pass the necessary tests and do an ultrasound. If you have any health problems that prevent pregnancy, the doctor will help you cope with them and advise when you can start planning for the child.
Determine the length of your menstrual cycle. To do this, count how many days have passed since the first day of the critical days before the start of the next. Observe your cycle over several months to calculate average cycle length.
Find out when you ovulation. On average, the duration of the menstrual cycle is 28 days, it happens on the fourteenth. This day can happen conception. Pharmacies sell ovulation test. With their help, you can check your final results.
Have sex in the fertile period. The most favorable time for conception – the week commencing 3 days prior to ovulation and ending 3 days after it. During this period try to keep as active sex life.
Try to relax. Pregnancy may not occur because of your fatigue. Do not load too many things at work, not vymatyvayutsya in the gym. If possible, go with her husband on vacation. A change of scenery, new experiences have a beneficial effect not only on your health but also on her relationship with her husband. Besides you will have enough time to proceed directly to the implementation of the plan.
If conception for a few months does not happen, contact your specialist with her husband. You will need to conduct several surveys to determine why pregnancy does not occur. You may need surgery or you will be asked to carry out the insemination.