A healthy foot is the key to the health of the whole organism without any exaggeration. After all, if the foot and are in contact with the ground properly, is a healthy and natural distribution of body weight. And it already and no problems with the joints, muscles, posture, etc.

What is flat feet

Flat feet is usually called the defect of the foot in which its arch is almost flat, and this immediately creates problems for the body, because the weight begins to be distributed incorrectly.
Flat feet can be congenital or acquired with time. Therefore, prevention education needs to be given time throughout a person's life.

Among the reasons which cause the development of flat feet, a lot of factors:
- work related to prolonged standing;
- overweight;
- problems with the muscles;
- trauma of the foot;
- rickets;
- paralysis of the muscles, etc.

Can you recognize a flat without the help of a specialist. For example, the disease is characterized by heavy legs (especially if you have a long walk or standing), pain in the feet, problems with the locomotor apparatus. As a result of flat feet a person can develop sciatica, back pain, arthritis and arthrosis, osteochondrosis, problems with the calf. In addition, spoils the appearance of your feet – growing bunions, bent toes, etc.

Flat as exemption from army

It is no secret that the army recruited recruits completely physically healthy. Flat feet also can easily become the reason why the recruit will be removed from service.

First, soldiers ' boots are sewn under the right arch of the foot, and person with foot problems will be them uncomfortable. It should be remembered that the soldiers have to walk, run and stand.
The situation could save orthopedic footbed, which is usually used by people with flat feet in the civilian world. But not for the severe defect of the foot.

Young soldiers with flat feet, who wears an ordinary tarpaulin boots of soldiers sooner or later will begin to experience severe pain due to the increased strain of the foot.

Secondly, the excessive stress on the feet, which are young people who are in the army, lead to problems with the knee cap, also affected the hip joints and lumbar spine.

Sometimes these problems can even lead to disability. To avoid such consequences, to the recruiting station with flat unfold back home.