At an early age to identify flat feet in the child is very difficult. Because baby's foot is flat. Only when the child begins to walk slowly, he develops the rudiments of the arches. Therefore, if you suspect flat feet, and to verify the child under the age of five years, better with this problem to consult the podiatrist.
For older kids, you can conduct a special test. It is very simple and will even bring pleasure to the child, if you turn this into a game.
Take a clean sheet of paper, put it on the floor. Lubricate the feet of the child any fat cream and put it on this sheet. Sure that he had not flexed her fingers and put the legs straight and together. The trunk when it keeps exactly to the weight of the body distributed evenly on all foot. Carefully lift the child. The paper will have clear imprints of his feet.
The second variant is characterized in that it is not necessary to use the cream. Just put baby legs on dry paper and carefully draw a pencil his feet. Again, observe proper posture.
Then with a pencil draw a line that connects the plantar region of the recesses. Then, perpendicular to this line of conduct one line that crosses the deepening of the foot at the deepest spot.
If the fingerprint is the narrowest part of the foot is less than one third of the line — the child's flatfoot no. And if it reaches the middle line and more — there is clearly pronounced signs of flat feet and should immediately consult the doctor.
Look at how your child walks. If walking, he relies more on the inner part of the foot, and standing a noticeable deviation heels outwards, this is another sign of flat feet.
Pay attention to the sole of the Shoe of the child: children suffering from this disease, statiunea soles occurs on the inner edge.
Child, flat-footed, gets tired quickly, he is often sick calf.
In the early phase, it was discovered flat feet can be successfully treated with special exercises for the feet, massage, wearing special orthopedic insoles, so do not delay and at the first signs of hurry with a child in the children's consultation.