3 the degree of flat feet

According to article 68 of the Schedule of diseases, citizens with flat feet 3 degree, can get a date category "b" and thus not subject to conscription in wartime. The recruit with the disease is credited to the reserve of the armed forces and gets a military ID. Any other forms of flat feet are not an exemption from military service.
Depending on the degree (1 or 2) diseases of the recruit can be rated shelf life "A" or "B".

2 degree flat feet

Neprizyvnogo disease is also a flat 2 degrees with deforming arthrosis, which indicators correspond to the definition of the second stage. In this case, the recruit also receives a military ID with an indication of acceptance to the stock (category "B"). Osteoarthritis of the first stage is not grounds for getting a military card.

Call with flat feet

If the draft Board in the presence of the survey results with a confirmed diagnosis assigns the recruit category validity (e.g. "A" or "B"), the actions of the military Commissariat (VC) can be classified as unlawful and the decision of the draft Commission can be appealed in court in appropriate order. For the period of investigation and filing of application in Prosecutor's office does not have the authority to conduct recruiting activities and in the army, i.e. to send the recruit to the place of reference service without the proper judgment on the outcome of the case.
At the appeal the recruit is assigned to a further medical examination on which the disease is detected and a violation of military rules for the conduct of military activities.

The study of flatfoot

To identify the extent of the disease and carry out diagnostic procedures use x-rays of the foot, which determines the angle and height of the arch. At 1 degree flat roof angle can have values from 130 to 140 degrees, and the height of the arch will have about 35-25 mm. stage 2 is characterized by the angle of the arch from 141 to 155 degrees, and the height is 24 mm, thus there may be osteoarthritis caused by bone deformities of the foot. Stop with the 3rd degree of flat feet is arch angle of greater than 155 degrees. Arch height should be less than 17 mm.

Among the complications of flat feet say a club foot, an unnatural gait and posture, pain in the feet, hips, knees, back. People with flat feet have deformed feet, crooked toes, wide feet. Also, the presence of flat feet contributes to the development of the phenomenon of ingrown nail.