You will need
  • Program antivirus for mobile phone
If you have a phone on the Java platform, the only route of infection — the installation of malicious Java programs. When the device tries to send any SMS when the application is run, makes calls, in which money from your mobile account removed, this tool can be called malicious. Remove any programs that can cause you suspicion. For phones Java there is no concept of virus due to ease of structure and the impossibility of obtaining the rights to independently launch a specific process. All programs marked Mobile Antivirus may also potentially be considered harmful.
If your phone's operating system is Symbian, the probability of infection is present. Search the Internet (preferably using a computer running antivirusnika) antivirus program for device. Of all the utilities, you can allocate Defenx Mobile Security, Dr. Web Antivirus (mobile version computer application), Kaspersky Mobile Securuty and (also mobile version).
Install the downloaded program on the phone and run it in scan mode ("Scan").
If you have a device on Android, then download any anti-virus utilities directly through the Market. Select the appropriate menu item and enter the search query "antivirus". Among the results that will be displayed, select the desired program and press "Download and install".
Wait for the installation program, then run it through the menu or add a shortcut to your desktop. Select "Full scan" and wait for the scan.