You will need
  • - guidance manual for different models;
  • - help Manager.
Find out more about smartphones at all. On which platforms they are built, which have the functionality to check rates. Determine for yourself which of the many smartphone features are really relevant for you, maybe you do need a smartphone and a usual "dialer". Ask around your friends, is it difficult to get used to the touchscreen display. Please pay special attention on reliability of those or other models to provide a guarantee.
Determine for yourself what, in your opinion, should be included in the concept of "reliability". Reliable smartphone does not restart on their own, not disabled, does not interrupt the conversation, suddenly refuses to take calls or perform other functions, not "slow", and its service life usually exceeds the warranty.
The most reliable seems to be the iOS platform, promoted by Apple for their products. But the world famous iPhone is quite affordable is difficult to call. In addition, not everyone can get used to this platform, many users prefer gadgets on Android. But cheap phones on the platform have almost all the disadvantages mentioned above and if they are too spoil the life of the user from purchasing such a product should be abandoned. However, some of the owners HighScreen Fly or use their gadgets for several years and did not pay much attention to their whims. And the most reliable of the cheapest new Nokia smartphones on the platform of Asha. They are characterized by high stability in operation, but they provide the functionality is much poorer than Android from the same price group.
If reliability is a determining factor in the purchase of a smartphone, immediately look to the expensive machines, more than 10 thousand rubles. The price in this case is circumstantial evidence of reliability. The more expensive the camera, the better. Within the same price range, you can look at the devices of different manufacturers. Can hardly be regarded as particularly reliable gadgets Lenovo, Alcatel or Fly. But Samsung Galaxi*** or iPhone***, always competing for the championship on the market, which is giving priority to expand the functionality of its products and the reliability improvement is likely and will prove to be most trouble free in operation.
Another indirect confirmation of the reliability of the purchased apparatus is imposed on the sellers an additional warranty of two years for which you need to pay only a few hundred rubles. Something this service does not offer buyers budget Fly'EV, most likely, knowing that the user probably be taken advantage of. But if you buy a Samsung Galaxi Grand Neo, the Manager will offer to use it necessarily, rightly assuming that the phone will surely work without any problems much more this time.
So, when choosing a reliable smartphone pay attention to the following factors:
* brand of the device and its prominence;
* price category;
* platform;
* the opinion of friends, colleagues, and friends, expressed NOT in response to a direct question;
* the behavior of the management and other indirect evidence of the reliability of the gadget.