You will need
  • Check the status of bugging your phone.
Of course, any legislation does not allow to perform a wiretap without a special permit, but not every phone is tapped with a solution. It is therefore necessary to be alert. If you found that the phone battery is constantly heated, even when the conversation with his companion – it may be the first sign of listening. When listening to the phone constantly will eat energy.
If you noticed that lately charging your phone quickly decreases, but the battery is still new, this is the second sign of interference in your phone. Unless, of course, you began more often to listen to music on the phone. If your phone is already more than a year, the battery itself will decrease.
Also pay attention to the factor in a long off the phone screen when you press the off button. This suggests that you have caught. A sniffer does not quickly disconnect phone to send a command to turn off the phone.
It should be noted that the constant rebooting and flashing any of the programs on the screen of your phone can only mean one of two things: either you listen, or the phone line is the line of interference.
Also deserves attention the fact of the appearance of interference in other electronic equipment after the conversation is completed. Any phone that is near a TV, speakers, microwave oven causes interference, but only in the talk mode. Otherwise the fact of listening.