Exercises on the horizontal bar is useful for keeping good posture and maintaining muscle tone of the hands. Regular hovering on the bar strengthens the spine and helps to prevent many diseases of the spine associated with poor posture.

Exercises on the horizontal bar that does not require physical training

Simple exercises for girls that need to be done at least three times per week, will gradually exercise your hand, strengthen your abs and your back, pull the chest. Noticeable results from exercise will not appear immediately. To achieve visible results, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. To achieve the best effect of exercise on the horizontal bar should be combined with Jogging and gymnastics. But the most important assistant on the way to the ideal figure — the desire to exercise and motivation.


This simple exercise is performed for three approaches. In one approach, it is recommended to repeat the exercise at least eight times, gradually increasing the number of repetitions.

Starting position: you need to grab hold of the horizontal bar, holding your palms at shoulder width. Movement: straight legs you need to gradually raise and lower. After three approaches is recommended to hold raised his legs for a few seconds.

Side press

For tightening side abdominal muscles, you need to not raise extended legs, and knees. Raise your knees should alternately in opposite directions, that is, the right knee should be directed to the side of the left breast and Vice versa — the left knee to send to the right breast. It is better to do the maximum, as possible.

To strengthen the muscles of the chest

To tighten the chest, enough to perform regular pullups on the bar. Pull should be smooth. Start your workout with one approach a week and not do more than ten pull-UPS in one set. After a week, the number of approaches you can increase to two. Hold the bar as you can reverse grip and straight.

For the back muscles

The most basic exercises are very useful for back muscles and maintaining good posture. If you just hang on the bar for a few minutes a day, that is enough to maintain the tone of back muscles. To perform the exercise better in the following way: hanging for 10-20 seconds with a break of a minute. The exercise should be repeated ten times in a row. Enough to start the five approaches.