A good night's sleep

Scientists say that during sleep the human body grows and regenerates tissues. So sleep and rest are an important aspect for a growing body. It is proved that the growth hormone produced in the body in the phase of deep sleep. Therefore, growing children and teenagers should sleep for 8-11 hours every night in order to reach their maximum growth.

Exercises to increase growth

Another way to increase growth is to be physically active childhood. This can be achieved through regular exercise and sports. When a person is physically active, the body requires more nutrients. Their regular intake improves nutrition and leads to the formation of necessary growth. Good exercises for growth: swimming, soccer, aerobics, basketball, tennis or stretching exercises.

You can give specific exercises to make you taller: hanging on the horizontal bar. It increases growth to 3-5 cm Growth is due to the fact that hanging stretches the lower torso. Daily hang for 20-30 seconds, performing the exercise in 2-3 sets.

The activity "land swimming". This exercise allows you to focus on the lower back. Technique exercises: lie on your stomach. The body should be fully extended. Stretch your arms in front of him. Palms face down. Raise your left hand above the right and simultaneously raise your right leg as high as possible, leave the left foot on the floor. Hold in this position for 4-5 seconds. Then lift the other arm and other leg and repeat the exercise.

Lift pelvis off the floor. This exercise is very simple and performing it, you can feel the tension in the upper and lower parts of the spine and hips. Technique: lie on your back, conveniently placing on the floor arms and shoulders. Bend your knees and slide the feet as close to the buttocks. Further vignettes so that the pelvis is lifted off. In this position, hold for 20 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

Food to increase growth

To perform the exercises and a long sleep is not enough to increase growth. You must add to your diet essential nutrients, such as vitamin D and proteins. They accelerate the production of growth hormones and facilitate the proper development of teeth and bones. This vitamin is found in meat, cheese, and egg whites.

Zinc. It is useful for children as it prevents cardiac growth. Products containing zinc is chocolate, peanuts, eggs, asparagus and others.

Calcium. It promotes the growth and development of bones. A large amount of calcium is in dairy products and vegetables.

Minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. In order for the diet to be balanced, should include milk, eggs, cereal, soy, beans, fruits and vegetables.