The main purpose of relaxing the shoulders to get rid of the discomfort and tenseness in the upper body, back, neck, head, warming his hands and shoulders. During the work, even sedentary, the muscles tense for an unnaturally long time. In order to properly relax and to achieve the desired effect, you need to learn how to determine which part of the body has accumulated tension. Due to the fact that people sitting in front of a computer, often slouching, it is the shoulders take the maximum voltage.Exercise to relax the shoulders refers to exercises from physical therapy. Before you begin, bring the body in a stationary condition, dont swing from side to side. Of the blades gradually start to pull your hand. Gradually relax raised up your hand, but be careful not to bend it at the elbow.
When you are ready to start the exercise, take a starting position: lying on a firm surface, bend knees and place feet hip width. Pull the neck up. You can also put under the head of thin relatively hard pillow, depending on how you would prefer to complete the exercise. Lying on your back, raise your arms up to the ceiling and hold them over the shoulders.
Proceed to action. When you inhale, pull your right hand up. The blades should come off the floor or surface on which you lie. Pull the whole arm, starting from shoulder and ending with the tips of each finger. On the exhale, relax your right hand, but don't leave it on the floor. The blade still needs to get down on the floor or on a hard surface.Having done this action with the right hand, repeat the same for the left hand, and 10 times alternately.
After you have completed 10 repetitions on each hand, walk for 2-3 minutes, making a circular rotation of the shoulders forward and then backward, or Vice versa.