Advice 1: What baby food is better: NAS or Nutrilon

Many mothers after the loss of breastfeeding face a difficult choice: "What mixture to feed the baby?". Here it is necessary to listen to the experts. It is equally important to study reviews of consumers.
What baby food is better: NAS or Nutrilon

The experts

Baby food NAN - mixture, which in the opinion of pediatricians has a rare set of protective substances. It is designed in such a way that at the time of enhanced growth to strengthen the immune system of the baby. This is facilitated by the presence of a mixture of live bifidobacteria, which are intended for improvement of the microflora in the intestine of the child.

For good development of eyesight and brain of the little man in baby food Nan added fatty acid omega-3. It also contributes to the protection of the immune system of the baby. In addition, manufacturers have sought to bring the milk protein mixture to the protein located in milk. Making it easy to digest the growing body. In addition, producers have taken care to have the child avoid tooth decay. For this, the composition of dry powder added live bacteria that prevent the growth of bacteria that destroy the enamel of the teeth.

A mixture of Nutrilon contains prebiotics, which support the intestinal flora in a healthy condition, reduce the likelihood of constipation and excess gas formation, reduce the risk of allergies. Also it is scientifically proven that "Nutrilon" contains a complex of minerals and vitamins, balanced in accordance with the needs of the body of the baby. They contribute to normal development and weight gain of the baby. And an improved set of fatty acids helps the growth of intelligence.
Any artificial mixture composition, the benefits and digestibility cannot be compared with breast milk. Scientifically proven most useful for the child is breastfeeding.

Consumer reviews

Forums young mothers are actively discussing which baby formula is better: "Nutrilon" or "Nan". Some of them argue that the second mixture is better absorbed by the baby from birth. One of the advantages they call that the presence of protein in it as close to natural breast milk. Other moms share their experiences about what baby food "Nutrilon" unlike "NAS" did not cause their baby's allergies, being on the "Nutrione" their child did not experience colic.

However to a common opinion none of the parents did not come. Seasoned mothers and pediatricians suggest that the selection formula feed the baby should be done strictly individually. What works for one kid may not work for another. It is therefore necessary to focus on the feelings, preferences and well-being of each child.
By choosing the mixture, it is desirable to observe the behavior of the child, to draw the appropriate conclusions.

If the product does not fit, it is necessary to gradually transfer the baby to a new kind of mix and after some time to compare the pros and cons of the two tested types of baby food.

Advice 2: What milk formula is best

Most useful for a baby is breast milk, he gets all the necessary substances for life, growth and the formation of the body. Only not often situations when a woman just disappears milk or produce an adequate amount of, then come to the aid of samples of infant formula.
the best milk formula
The mixture is chosen individually for each child, be sure to take into account the age and health of the baby. There is no such that one mixture went without exception to all children. Of course, among domestic and foreign manufacturers of baby food have their own leaders who are the best on the market and produce the safest products.
To choose the best mixture for your baby, follow some simple but very effective rules. First and foremost, it is not necessary to buy several cans of food, one is enough. If feeding is a violation of the child's chair appear skin rash, restlessness and intestinal colic, then this formula should be abandoned.
Pediatricians strongly recommend to choose only adapted milk formulas that its composition is closer to female milk. Examples include mixture "Nan", "Nutrilon", "nutrilac". This food is great for artificial feeding, regulates the intestines of the baby, prevents flatulence, normalizes microflora. From Russian manufacturers approval deserved the mixture "Agusha", which is already prepared, it is only enough to heat to the required temperature.
If the kids noticed the appearance of urticaria or atopic dermatitis, you should only feed them a hypoallergenic formula. Excellent milk formula "nanny" meets all the requirements. It includes goat's milk, which of allergic reactions in children does not occur.
Don't forget about medical compounds, which are often transferred to children with various disabilities in health. If a baby has lactose intolerance, he only give lactose-free dairy food. Proven themselves the following manufacturers: "Nan lactose-free", "Nutrilon lactose-free". Of course, for the price they are quite expensive, but the health of the child always comes first. If the child often spits up, he is vomiting, you need to buy antireflux mixture. The best in this category are: "Humana Antireflûks", "nutrilak Antireflux", "Prisovo".
The more parents come to the choice of formula milk, the better it is for the health and development of the baby. Since we have already proved that are the best mixture of foreign manufacturers, the savings in this case should generally stand at the last place.

Advice 3: How to choose antireflux infant formula

Little kids after feeding often spit up the excess formula. This is normal, however, if regurgitation abundant pediatricians recommend moms go to antireflux infant formula. What is this compound, what it consists of, and what they meant?
How to choose antireflux infant formula

What is a reflux baby formula

Antireflux called special milk product, the properties of which significantly reduce the amount of regurgitation. Reflux the mixture has a thicker consistency compared to the consistency of standard products feeding, and can also thicken right in the stomach. Thickener it is the gum of the carob tree, which is a dietary fiber of natural origin, swelling in the acidic gastric environment and thickening the stomach contents.
Feeding antireflux mixture is often used as an additional method of treatment of persistent regurgitation.

Protein in antireflux mixtures represent an unmodified whey proteins and casein with optimal ratio, therefore such a product cannot be called hypoallergenic. Compared with standard formula milk, antireflux diet slightly reduced lactose content, and some similar products with the gum even contain starch. - Reflux the mixture is not recommended for permanent or long-term (more than two or three months) of using, as the gum slows the absorption of nutrients. Pediatricians suggest to replace it with half of the total baby food.

The choice of antireflux mixtures

Antireflux formulas such as "nutrilak", "Prisovo" and "Babushkino Lukoshko" contain in its composition prebiotics, gently stimulating the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. Products "Gerber" does not contain nucleotides, but they contain live Lactobacillus prevents development of dysbacteriosis in children. Antireflux formulas "Enfamil AR", "NAN-antireflûks", "Lemolad" and "Celia AR" dokozagexaenova and contain arachidonic fatty acid, which is essential for vision and nervous system.
- Reflux the mixture is not desirable to mix with the standard dairy food,even from the same manufacturer in one bottle.

Kids who are prone to allergies and problems with digestion, you should buy antireflux formulas "Nutrilon-Komfort" and "NAN-antireflûks". Baby food "Lemola" has the highest number of components per 1 liter of the mix, and a bit of citric acid in its composition, which quickly and well storageway protein in the stomach and prevents regurgitation after feeding. If the child requires live bifidobacteria, it will be able to get them out of the antireflux formulas "Celia AR" and "Enfamil".

Advice 4: Which formula is best for babies

Long known about the benefits of breastfeeding. But sometimes for various reasons the mother has to transfer the baby to artificial or mixed feeding. In this case, the young parents, the question arises, what formula to choose. It is best in this case to refer to the pediatrician.
Which formula is best for babies

Baby formula for newborns

If the need for artificial feeding arose immediately after birth, the doctor usually advises the adapted formula. Its main advantage is that it is demineralized whey, making the food easily digestible. The perfect mix for babies to be composed of light albumin and globulin in the proportions as close to breast milk. The amount of fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals gives you the opportunity to consider the following mixture is very useful for the baby.

It often happens that the adapted mixes contain additional components that improve digestion and enhance nutritional quality. It can be bifidobacteria, lysozyme, lactulose, taurine and others. All these elements allow the baby to develop properly and gain weight. Most often these mixtures are marked with the number "1" or the package indicates age 0 to 6 months". For example, these included "NAN", "Nutrilon-1", "Pre-hippies", "nutrilak from 0 to 6 months, "Ecomil-1", "Agusha-1", "Pitti".

Also present on the market less adapted mixes which contain milk protein casein, which is digested much more slowly the child's body. But they are missing a demineralized milk serum, so they cannot be a substitute for quality of breast milk. Such mixtures are the most appropriate be after the baby turns 6 months. However, this mixture is more nutritious. For this reason, they feed the children who are not able to withstand the intervals between feedings more than three hours. Their composition is also taurine, bifidus, etc. these include "Similac", "impress", "Enfamil", "Nestožen".

Specialized mixes for a newborn

After the birth between mother and baby formed a relationship. This contributes to changes in the composition of breast milk depending on baby's needs. With mixtures of such a balance is very difficult to achieve, so manufacturers produce mixes for children with various health problems. Prevention is a hypoallergenic mixture for infants containing hydrolysed protein svarochnogo for feeding kids with allergies to cow's milk protein, such as nutrilak hypoallergenic", "NAN hypoallergenic". There are also hypoallergenic medical compounds, which are selected strictly individually, on the recommendation of a pediatrician.

Children with anemia are appointed by a special mixture with high content of iron - "Similac with iron, "Enfamil with the iron." They are usually administered after the child reaches the age of three, because only in this period, the iron begins to fully absorb. Among kids with impaired digestion due to lactose intolerance is a very popular blend containing the soy protein is a bona-Soya" or "Nutri-Soy". They also selected a pediatrician. A signal that the food needs to be revised will be constipation, poor tolerance or rejection of the child from the bottle.

A huge role to play for baby milk formulas. They contain bifidobacteria, which are beneficial for the intestines. After birth, your baby's digestive tract is gradually colonized by bacteria. But it happens that the balance of good and bad bacteria is disturbed, to improve the condition of the child in this case will help "NAN sour-milk" and "Bifidus". Most often they are assigned after six months.

The choice of the mixture for a newborn

Before to transfer the baby to artificial feeding, parents should assess all the advantages and disadvantages of this decision. It is best to choose the mixture together with your pediatrician, he will help you choose a mixture on the basis of possible risk factors, age and weight of the baby, its development and the state of the digestive system. Often the most suitable formula is selected by trial and error, because a body of each baby is individual. It may cause allergies, rashes, colic or constipation. All of this suggests that the mixture needs to be changed.

The true criterion chosen is a mixture of normal physical and mental development of the baby. Any deviations from the norm should be discussed with specialists-gastroenterologists. They will identify the cause and choose the most acceptable for your baby food.

To avoid fakes, purchase a mixture only in large specialized stores.
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