During infections the doctor usually appoints child bactericidal drugs. In addition to direct action on the pathogen, these drugs can change the composition of the intestinal flora of the baby. National Academy of Sciences of fermented milk includes in its composition of thermophilic bacteria. In the case of the transferred antibacterial therapy for the prevention of digestive problems let the mixture daily once a day dosage according to age. For kids from birth to six months is designed NAN of 1, from six months – НАН2.
The mixture is recommended for babies in a period of high risk of infectious diseases, especially in the cold season. Turn on the NAS in the daily diet of the baby according to age the dosage contained bacteria contribute to immune status.
Dairy products offer protection from harmful bacteria. NAN milk gains its properties in the fermentation process, they provide protection from germs and enhances the absorption necessary for the child's body substances – proteins, calcium and iron. It is important during the beginning of feeding, when the probability of contact with hazardous microbes. Start giving NAN milk to the child simultaneously with the introduction of food, daily one or two times a day.
In that case, if the kid from the first days is on artificial feeding, it is often constipation. If such situations are recurrent, start giving NAN milk, first 2 times a day. Then normalizing chair, go for a single feeding of this mixture.
When food fermented mixture of NAS observed accelerated gastric emptying, as it is quickly digested. In connection with this feature of the mixture is recommended for children with increased tendency to regurgitation. In this case, let's NAN as the basic formulas.