About the benefits of dairy products has long been known. However, children under 8 months are forbidden to give yogurt, fermented baked milk or yogurt to kids is hard to swallow items that contain "adult products".

At the same time, infants improves the functioning of digestive system, and lactic acid bacteria – a great helper for this.
Babies who are breastfeeding receive from breast milk. Children Iskusstvennyi can obtain the necessary microorganisms only of adapted milk formulas.

Bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, which contains milk formula "Nestogen"
help the body absorb iron, zinc and calcium, this dairy mixture is recommended for children with anemia
improve digestion – regurgitation becomes smaller, the chair is normalized
help to maintain healthy intestinal flora – a natural immunity.
In sour milk formula Nestle Nan contains less lactose than regular formula. Also lactic acid bacteria, which included in its composition, rassypaet this enzyme. This food is suitable for children with allergies.

Baby milk formula "Nestogen" (Nestožen): what are mixtures

Nestle produces two types of milk mixtures "Kid":
"Nestogen" from birth to one year (the products range of "1" - from birth to 6 months. "2" with 6 months to 1 year; "3" - 1 year)
"Nestogen. Happy dreams" (from 6 months).

The main difference between the products of "Nestogen" – the content of rice flour in the mixture of "Nestogen. Happy dreams".
It is not recommended to give children from birth for two reasons:
1. Mix with rice flour can give the baby only after the appropriate product (rice) had already introduced complementary feeding;
2. "Nestogen. Happy dreams" quite thick due to the content of rice flour – the crumb will be difficult to suck her bottle.
If You decide to enter into the diet baby the mixture of "Nestogen. Happy dreams", buy a bottle with holes larger than the one which You feed. Rice flour in the composition of the mixture makes food more dense

Both mixtures of the range of "Nestogen" contains lactic acid bacteria. Rice flour, which is contained in the "Nestogen. Happy dreams", gives the child a feeling of satiety for a long time. The baby will sleep longer at night.

The Power Of "Nestogen" (Nestožen). Method of application

Lactic acid bacteria contained in the mixture of "Nestogen" useful to the body of the baby and need him. But too frequent use can harm the body remains – to raise the acidity of the stomach.

Therefore to offer the child milk mixture should be no more than twice a day. You can replace one or two of feeding your baby formula "Nestogen". For example, give it to your child at lunch and before bed.

In addition, the mother must remember that the organism of the child needs to learn to develop bifidobacteria and lactobacilli alone.

Also important:
- proportioning and dosage in the preparation of a mixture of "Nestogen" (indicated on the package) according to the age of the child
- cook the mixture before feeding
- do not mix milk formula "Nestogen" with the usual mixture
- be aware of the fact that the volume of the milk mixture should not exceed 1/3 of the daily amount of food

The food is a mixture of "Nestogen". Reviews mom

First mix of the brand "Kid" went on sale in 1930. Of course, since the laboratory Nestle has improved the formula of this product. Still one thing – health care for kids.
Perhaps that is why kids and moms like sour milk formula "Nestogen". The majority of young mothers said that the baby's stool is getting better, the vomiting decreases, and the child's sleep becomes calmer and more durable.


The ideal diet for a child up to 1 year – mother's milk. When choosing a mix, consult a pediatrician.