Mother's milk

No one doubts that the most useful for a newborn will be the mother's milk. It contains all the substances necessary for proper development and growth of the child. In milk are proteins, which serve as building material of cells, and also protects the baby from infections. Substances for the optimal functioning of the child's body is contained in breast milk in perfect proportions.

In addition to useful nutritional value, breast milk promotes proper communication of the mother with the baby, their constant contact. When feeding a newborn baby feels very safe and comfortable.

However, there are situations when breastfeeding is just not possible. Reasons for this include: lack of milk, illness of the mother, and antibiotics. In such cases, the newborn is quickly select the best nutrition.

Nutrition for newborns

Food industry with particular responsibility for production of food for the little ones. At the pharmacy you can see a dry mix, a liquid that should not be dissolved. For infants can also be found in fresh and fermented milk substitutes. Milk formulas provide the balance of intestinal flora, maintain it and support it. Manufacturers are produced in more limited quantities.

But in the first place is to look on the packaging whether the adapted mixture. Because that's what its composition is closest to breast milk. In an adapted mixture in the composition will necessarily be whey proteins, which are absorbed in the child's body. To improve metabolic processes in newborns products administered carnitine, vitamins. A required component is taurine ensures healthy development of the brain.

In the use of adapted milk formulas are completely absent allergic reactions in children. Newborns very well tolerated by the product.

Russian manufacturers are proven mixtures "Agusha", "Alesya". Milk formula for babies imported are adapted.Examples include the mixture of "Baby" (Denmark), "Damil" (France), "Lamorak" (Sweden).

To choose the best mix for a newborn, it is necessary to examine its composition.