Instant oatmeal is created exclusively from tested raw materials. For the preparation of instant mixes use pre-treated grains, which is grinding and grinding. In the resulting mass add the shredded fruits, vegetables, if the recipe provides the following components, enrich the "powder" with nutrients. The composition of factory kas stable and allows you to provide your child with the necessary energy, vitamins, trace elements.

Vitamin instant cereals

All instant cereals represent a fully finished product, which need only be diluted with boiled water, milk mixture, vegetable broth or breast milk. For dissolving the cereal powder is not recommended to use cow or goat milk, so as not to trigger allergies.
Traditionally, the introduction of instant cereals in the diet of the baby older than six months starts with a tasty rice and buckwheat cereals.

Kashi instant type are thoroughly tested for conformity to quality standards and child nutrition. Specified and compliance with the specified recipe. And most importantly, the observance of technology of preparation of instantons kas allows you to keep the product most of the vitamins. These valuable substances when cooking grains at home is invariably destroyed. For example, cereals are losing a major share of vitamin C and B.

To create instant oatmeal cereal mixture for the production of steam water is injected into the mass of diluted minerals and vitamins, and then subjected the product to heat treatment. It is necessary for the moisture to evaporate.

The advantages of the soluble children's porridges

One of the obvious advantages of instant porridges for baby food is their speed and ease of breeding. This means that parents can take the necessary amount of product for one feeding and offer the kid a fresh batch of meals. A wide range of instant porridges allows you to find the best options for the growth and development of the child, given his or her tastes.

It is important that you can buy instant porridge that requires dilution with water and those that need to be dissolved in milk. This means that moms of Allergy sufferers can carefully monitor the diet of crumbs.
Checking in the home the quality and safety of conventional cereals impossible, while large producers have the opportunity.

No need for cooking porridges contributes to the preservation of valuable substances. Besides instant products require use immediately after dilution. But storing home-cooked meals also leads to loss of vitamins. Safe cereals of famous brands allow to diversify the menu of the child, saving time.