Here are the main signs of poor health of the baby, which is a good reason for going to the doctor, who will help to change the composition and volume of food:- poor weight gain; frequent vomiting, as after feedings, as between them;- the chair more three times a day (liquid and clumps);- anxiety after feedings.
When selecting a mixture for a child, be sure to pay attention to the fact that it corresponds to the age category of the baby. In no case do not give, for example, their two-month baby blend, which is designed for eight. You run the risk that harm the health of the baby. In addition, look at the shelf life of the mixture and its composition. This information should be indicated on the packaging.
Among the huge variety of baby formulas there are, which have some additional useful properties. For example, give preference to compounds that strengthen the baby's immune system. They contain beneficial bacteria-pribiotikov.
For children who are prone to allergic reactions, there are preventive hypoallergenic mixture made of partially split proteins. This reduces the risk of Allergy development in your baby.
If the child is prone to anemia, choose the compound with the highest iron content. On the packaging it should be stated, i.e. 5 grams per liter, and 7, 8, sometimes even 12 grams.
Milk mixture is able to normalize the composition of intestinal microflora, reduce the risk of intestinal infections, improve digestion and strengthen the immune system of the child.
Transfer the baby from one mixture to another only on the pediatrician's advice and not immediately, but gradually, watching the reaction of the child to a new food.