Side pain in early pregnancy

On a small pregnancy pain from bottom of left side, shows the growth of the uterus. Increasing in size, it puts pressure on all neighboring bodies. A woman may feel as pronounced pain and light tingling.

Sometimes rooting can not only the left but also right side at the same time. In this case, you must immediately contact doctor because of the pain of this kind at the early stage of pregnancy may be harbingers of incipient miscarriage. To correct the situation can only prompt medical assistance.

Not only acute pain should alert a pregnant woman. If you started a little ache left side, and the discomfort persists for 25-30 minutes, you should call an ambulance. Qualified professionals can accurately determine whether the appeared pain from the threat of interruption of pregnancy and if necessary will conduct emergency measures to save the baby.

When visiting a doctor, it is possible to describe in detail not only severe pain, but all even a subtle discomfort that occurs in the left side.

The pain in the second trimester of pregnancy

With the onset of the second trimester of pregnancy left side may be sore due to increased load, which affects the veins of the spleen. In order to avoid such pain is to restrict active exercise, and extremely cautious about lifting weights. In addition, before starting exercise classes for pregnant women, should consult a doctor and get his permission.

The pain in the left side in the last trimester of pregnancy


Often the left side is sore already in the later stages. This happens due to the large pressure exerted by the growing baby on the intestines. To get rid of the pain in this situation can only be eliminating from your daily diet spicy, smoked and fatty foods.

When pain in left side in late pregnancy should not delay with the visit to the doctor. Time before childbirth remained a little, and it is important to have time to get advance from all the negative aspects.

High blood pressure may be a pressure on the venous system, which responds with a dull pain in the left side. To eliminate the painful sensation it is to normalize blood pressure with special medications.