Norm diastolic (lower) pressure

Human heart works as two-phase is reduced, and relaxes, and these phases are called the systole and the diastole. At the time of contraction of the heart (systole) pushes the blood presses on the walls of blood vessels with a force of 120 mm Hg. article, and the relaxation (diastole) – 70-80 mm Hg It is from calculated norms of blood pressure – 120/80. The value of a bottom pressure in a healthy person should be between 70-80. If this figure is constantly over 80, regardless of the degree of activity and emotional state – it is believed that in humans the lower pressure above normal.

Reasons for the increase in diastolic pressure

As a rule, high pressure indicates the presence of permanent high tone of the blood vessels that bring blood to the heart. Due to the fact that the blood flows into the chambers of the heart under unnatural pressure, it works with a serious overload and wear out much faster. Such a mechanism is observed in hypertension. Also cause rise in blood pressure can be a disease of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, endocrine system.

What to do if raised lower blood pressure

We should start with a doctor visit and diagnosis. If any diseases, the doctor will paint the scheme of medication that will relieve the blood vessels, reducing their tone and improving circulation. It is the Foundation of treatment, without which other steps will not bring tangible results. But you can greatly increase the effectiveness of the treatment, if you pay attention to the following points.

To lose weight. If overweight, your heart works with a significant overload. The body is simply forced to increase the pressure to provide blood flow to every inch of the body, which means hypertension guaranteed.

Start to follow the diet. Eliminate salty, fatty, sugary foods, replacing them with fresh vegetables. This will help to enrich our bodies diet, and most importantly – display the excess fluid from tissues, relieving vessels.

To normalize the mode of the day, to sleep. Sleep deprivation, especially chronic stress triggers adaptive mechanisms, which in themselves imply a rise in blood pressure.

Start practicing active rest, to do as much sport, swimming. This trains the heart and blood vessels, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure.

To increase stress resistance. Stress is a major contributor to hypertension. In combating it well help yoga, breathing exercises, daily walks on air.