Eat right. The pressure level depends on what products and in what amounts enter the body. Change diet – reduce intake of fatty, fried and spicy food, add vegetables, fruits, cereals. Cook meals for a couple, boil and simmer. Cut down on salt. Stick to the chosen diet and try to gradually move to a healthy diet, which should be the norm.
Normalize sleep. Sufficient sleep for rest time, adjust the time of going to bed and try to respect the day. Go to bed on time, provide a comfortable environment for sleep – cool and fresh air, comfortable orthopedic bed, silence.
Be active physically. Moderate loads enable you to improve your fitness. Exercise every day, develop an individual program based on age and level of training. Outdoor air will increase the performance.
Normalize weight. Excess weight aggravates the condition of blood vessels and impedes the functioning of the heart, so lose weight. Pick a diet, which combined with exercise will help you obtain the standard weight.
Learn to relax. Proper rest includes not only a healthy sleep. Don't neglect annual leave, take weekend walks and trips out of town. Avoid stress and learn to cope with stress.
Use properties of plants, fruits and vegetables, the use of which helps to normalize blood pressure. The decrease in pressure contributes to the use of persimmon juice Rowan, beet, onion, etc. Increases the pressure coffee, salted products, smoked products. Daily consumption of apples, green tea helps to stabilize pressure.
Use the technique of acupressure. Learn the basic methods of influence on acupuncture points and do self-massage.