Diagnosis of hypertension is based on the data of regular measurements of blood pressure (BP), examination of the fundus, electrocardiogram.
To reduce pressure, there are a number of drugs. Is – ACE inhibitors ("Fosinopril", "Monopril"), beta-blockers ("Concor"), angiotensinii receptor blocker ("Losartan"), diuretics ("Arifon"), calcium antagonists ("Amlodipine").
In the initial stages of hypertension non-drug treatment try. First and foremost is the reduction of body weight. It is believed that every 10 pounds lost 20 points lower systolic blood pressure. Novice hypertensive patients should not be afraid of intense physical activity: gymnastics, intense walking 30-45 minutes a day, swimming, Biking, tennis, skiing etc.
Nutrition is an important factor in reducing systolic blood pressure. The basis of the diet – low-fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables, vegetable oil, sea fish, poultry, bran. Significantly reducing the consumption of animal fats, sweets, sugary drinks can decrease the systolic pressure by 10-15 points.
Salt for high blood pressure – the enemy №1. Limit your intake of sodium chloride and 2.4 grams per day, and keep in mind contained in the food.
Do not overdo alcoholic beverages. Not more than 30 ml per day – men, half – women.
Use the experience of folk medicine. A mixture of vegetable juice with honey and lemon, pomegranate, lemon, garlic, herbs, bee products, efficient means not simply reduce, and stabilize systolic blood pressure, maintain normal state.
Give up Smoking. It contributes to the narrowing and acceleration of hardening of the arteries. Smoking is the main risk factor of myocardial infarction. Regular Smoking causes permanent chemical changes in the body that contribute to high blood pressure.
Avoid stressful situations. Through the release of adrenaline in the blood, the heart has to beat more often, pumping more blood volume. This leads to increased pressure. If the stress continues for a long period, then such load is accelerated wear of vessels.