Before you buy the ticket or plan a car trip to the Crimea, you should know some of the subtleties of crossing the border. Passport to enter Ukraine is not required. Just an ordinary passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.

Before you plan a vacation, make sure that your passport is not expired.

Crossing the border depending on the mode of transport

If you are coming by bus, at the customs post called "nekhoteevka" you will be asked to leave the vehicle and proceed to a special room. There you can fill out an immigration card (usually given by the bus driver upon entrance to customs). All the things that you carry with you, you need to pick up from the Luggage compartment on the bus and put on tape. The device will scan the contents of bags on the subject of weapons and prohibited import items. In some cases, customs officers may ask passengers to leave their Luggage in the center of the room and wait for the bags and sniff the dog.

If you are coming by train, leave the train won't have to. The immigration card will be handed out to the conductor, and the guards will be on the cars and inspect Luggage. As a rule, need to flip personal belongings of passengers does not occur, but because the border crossing takes place without any problems. Border control is carried out in Belgorod (Russian side) or to Kharkov (the Ukrainian side), depending on the route of the train.

Copies of the documents (passports, birth certificates and so on), even if they are notarized, not give the right to cross the Russian-Ukrainian border. In all cases, require the original.

Those who are going to go to the Crimea by car, be prepared to self-cross the border. Taking their place in traffic, you will be able to enter the fenced and guarded area "Nehoteevka". To do this you must purchase a policy of compulsory insurance of civil liability of the vehicle owner. Dozens of points on the design of the policies are still at the entrance to the border. The driver must be a valid licence and registration certificate of the vehicle. If he is not the owner of the vehicle, it must be certified by the attorney to control the car with the text "with the right to travel abroad". "Nehoteevka" and then in "Goptivka" (Ukrainian custom) all the documents will check inspect the vehicle's interior. You will also be asked to open the trunk, undo the locks on the bags. Usually the procedure takes just minutes. Blank immigration card issued at the entrance to the territory of Ukraine.

The Russians should be mindful of the rules of transportation of certain items. For example, the guards may have questions, if you bring your batch of identical items or large amounts of alcohol (for example, a box of vodka).

The nuances of stay in the Crimea for the Russians

When filling out the immigration card use printed letters. Fill in all the fields carefully, avoiding patches or ambiguous understanding of the characters. The immigration card should be maintained for the duration of their stay in Ukraine and present at the departure to Russia.

On the territory of Ukraine the citizen of Russia has the right to stay without registration no more than 90 days. The requirement to register the place of residence for a certain amount of money – fraud. After arrival at the place to go to the police and to notify their arrival, to stand on any account is not required.

If you took the rest of the child (to 14 years), don't forget the original of his birth certificate with the loose leaf about the Russian citizenship. In cases where a son or daughter go with a relative or with only one parent, the absent mother or father need a notarized power of attorney.

Cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers, hard drives can be carried across the border without any restrictions if you can prove at customs that the equipment brought for personal use only.

On the territory of Ukraine and at the entrance to the Crimea you have no right to further inspect - all checks have been completed. The only exception to this rule is a violation of the vacationers peace and order, hooliganism, anti-social behavior.