The main document that is needed by the citizen of the Russian Federation upon entry into any state, even a visa is a passport. It can be received at the office of the Federal migration service at the place of residence. You have to fill in a special questionnaire, to assure her in the personnel Department and to pay the duty.

Take the passport in advance as it takes at least a month.

You will also need the documents to be submitted to the Consulate, as the Russians would need visas to enter Ukraine. To obtain a transit visa (for those who remain in the country for more than five days) you need to provide proof of transit - availability of visas and tickets for departure in another state.

For short term visa, which is good for the city, and have relatives in Ukraine, you need to present a letter of invitation from a private person or organization, document on the blood ties with the Ukrainian relatives or travel ticket showing the itinerary. This information will confirm the purpose of your stay in the country for employees of the Consulate.

There is also a long-term visa. It is necessary to wait longer and harder to obtain. For receiving you also need an invitation. For example, if you are a prospective student of one of the Ukrainian universities, you will need to provide a letter of admission to the University. It is also necessary, you may require evidence of your financial stability and ability to live independently in Ukraine.

Also, the documents you will need a receipt about payment of fees. In 2011, the amount of the duty amounted to from two to five thousand rubles, depending on what kind of visa the person applies. To pay the required amount directly on the territory of the Consulate.

For a trip to Ukraine you will need a ticket for one of the types of transport: airplane, bus or train. If you want to save, better to buy tickets in advance.