Advice 1: How to cross the border of Ukraine and Russia

To cross the border of Ukraine and Russia is possible by air, land or by sea (ferry across the Kerch Strait). In all cases, must be presented to border guards a valid passport, including domestic and a completed migration card.
How to cross the border of Ukraine and Russia
You will need
  • - passport (can be internal);
  • - migration card;
  • - ticket for train, bus, airplane, ferry (not in all cases);
  • - their own or someone else's car (not all cases);
  • - declarations on the import and export of your own car.
Depending on which direction you follow, you first check either Ukrainian border guards and customs officers or the Russian. In any case, control will on both sides of the border. When travelling by air - the airports of departure and arrival by sea at the Port Krym-Port Caucasus train - at border stations, by bus or by car (motorcycle, scooter, etc.) on both sides of the transition.
The possibility of crossing the border on foot or by Bicycle should be clarified further. For most transition is impossible. The exception is that the border crossing point in Suzemka near Bryansk. On the transition on the route Moscow - Simferopol pedestrians passed on the Russian side, Ukrainian - no.
If you cross the border by train or by bus, the border guards of both countries can come to you. Railway control is carried out on the spot, the passengers of the bus to collect passports and submit to your computer. When traveling by auto you need a passport to go to the window border controls.
For crossing the Ukrainian-Russian border citizens of both States to have a passport is optional. Upon presentation of a passport it will make a mark about crossing the border (and then the same when leaving). In the domestic passport stamp can't do that, the only confirmation of the legality of your stay in the country will serve as a migration card.
The immigration card at the entrance to the Russian Federation and Ukraine have to fill in everyone who has the citizenship of the state (the Ukrainians do not fill at the entrance to Ukraine, Russians in Russia). Russian migration card is needed before presenting the border guard to break into two parts at the cut lines, their Ukrainian colleagues break your migration card yourself.
When leaving the country, the migration card is subject to change. If it is lost or expired (the validity period in both cases, 90 days), you will have to pay a fine. There are other big trouble until the ban on entry into the country.
Next to passport control on both sides of the border by the customs. Most often it is a mere formality, but do not rule out selective detailed checks of Luggage.
If you have something to declare, better to do it beforehand. The order of import and export of goods from Russia and Ukraine it is better to check with the embassies or customs agencies of the two countries.
Forms declarations and migration cards, you can take the Explorer, the crew of the aircraft or ferry, bus driver or taxi or directly at the point of crossing the border. Issued documents should be filled in advance, prior to contact with the border guards and customs officers.

Advice 2 : How to cross the Ukrainian border

To Ukrainian border crossing for those who go to Ukraine from Russia or, alternatively, from Ukraine to Russia, do not need to have a passport. However, the features of crossing the border by land, by air and by sea (through the Strait of Kerch) exist, and they must know and follow.
How to cross the Ukrainian border
If you are coming by train

Have control on both sides of the border. If you're heading from Russia to Ukraine, you will first be checked by the Russian border guards and customs officers (even in Russia) and then Ukraine (on its territory). Accordingly, when travelling from Ukraine to Russia all on the contrary.

The border guards will ask you:

- passport (all adults);
- birth certificates of minor children (definitely original) with the mark (stamp) on citizenship or attachment of the card insert on citizenship;
- in the absence of parents (e.g. the child goes with grandma) parental consent to travel notarized necessarily.

Customs officers will ask about that way. Not any of your belongings drugs, highly potent drugs (have a list of allowed and prohibited for import, you can learn them in advance), the hidden currency, etc. They have the right to check your Luggage for drugs and dangerous substances. Sometimes in the car for this purpose runs a specially trained dog.

If you are a citizen of Russia entering Ukraine, you will be given a migration card, confirming the legality of your stay in a foreign country (and, conversely, the citizen of Ukraine, arriving in Russia, will give a migratsionka for the right to stay in Russia). The map should be protected, on the way back it should pass. The loss will have to pay a fine.
If you are coming by bus

At the border all passengers will collect the passport and bring the data into the computer. Everything else is similar to crossing the Ukrainian border by train.
If you fly

Verification of all documents – passports, birth certificates of children with ear of citizenship and a notarized consent of the child's parents, if he's not travelling with them – occurs in the airports of departure and arrival. There is checked Luggage.
If you cross the Ukrainian border by ferry across the Kerch Strait

Check documents and Luggage are also produced on both sides of the border in the port of Kavkaz and port Krym. The list of documents is the same as with other methods of crossing the border via land and air.
If you cross Ukrainian border by car (scooter, motorcycle etc.)

At the border you have to go up to the window border controls on both sides of the transition, holding all the necessary documents. Except that which was discussed above, the motorist must produce a driver's license, insurance policy, certificate of registration of m/s, green Card, including Ukraine on the territory of the action. If you're going by proxy, then keep in mind that the power of attorney, written by hand, in Ukraine invalid. It must be a serious document, certified by a notary.

The rest of the procedure of border and customs control is similar to all the other ways of crossing the Ukrainian border.
Useful advice
Although the customs control at the Ukrainian border is often a formality, it is better to prepare for it in order to avoid misunderstandings. Declare, if you have something to declare. On the procedure of import and export things, goods and items from Russia to Ukraine and back, you should know in advance, it can be done in the customs offices or the embassies of Russia and Ukraine.

Keep on the border to your passport, there were no marks (the stamps are put only in the passports).

Advice 3 : How to cross the border Ukraine-Russia on the car

The border Ukraine-Russia by car can be crossed only in special points. You will pass the customs successfully and find yourself in another state only if they present all the necessary documents and will not violate the list of permitted moving things.
Cross border car easy and simple
Approaching the border crossing points of vehicles from the Ukrainian side, in front of the entrance you will approach the border servant and previously viewed documents.

The list of required documents

For crossing the border on a car you will need your valid passport and the passports of passengers. The passport for citizens of Russia and Ukraine when crossing the Ukrainian-Russian border is optional.

If you are traveling with minor children need their birth certificates and the necessary documents confirming the citizenship of the children. It should be noted that a minor pass only one of the parents, in other cases, a notarized authorization to transport the child across the border.
Necessarily you will require a technical passport of the car. To cross the border by car, or rather to transport a car has the right of only the owner. In other cases, it is required General power of attorney to control the car.

If you do not have a General power of attorney and the car was registered to the passenger, for example, a wife who travels with you and forgot driving license at home, then it is better to sit behind the wheel. Driver's license at the checkpoint do not check, but to carry cars allowed only to the owner.

When crossing the border, to account for the movement of people necessary to fill in the immigration card. If you are a citizen of Russia, then this form can be filled up at the Ukrainian border. If you are a citizen of Ukraine, the immigration card will require at the Russian checkpoint. The immigration card contains the passport data of citizens and road funds.

If a preliminary examination of the documents to satisfy the border of the employee, he raises the barrier and you enter the territory of the special checkpoint. Here again carefully check the documents, make a record in your database about crossing borders, it is also of import or export of vehicle and inspect machines and all things.


Inspection vehicle and your belongings make border and customs officials. First, they are interested in in oral form that you transport and whether the goods prohibited for transportation.

The list of prohibited items is quite extensive. Its main points are weapons, drugs and Antiques. Still impossible, without special documents to transport many food products across the border and animals. For some products there are restrictions on import. For example, alcoholic products are allowed to carry not more than one liter per person.

After the conversation the car thoroughly inspected with the help of special mirrors and cameras. The screening often involves trained dogs to detect drugs.

If the inspection you were successful, you are allowed to leave from the Ukrainian point towards the Russian border. At the Russian checkpoint you have to go through the same procedure, with the difference that the documents necessary to make a policy of compulsory insurance of the vehicle, which acts on the territory of the Russian Federation.
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