Advice 1: What's the sign for a man-Scorpio

Men-Scorpions – a complex and ambiguous personality. They can be very mysterious, enigmatic, seem at times inaccessible and this is even more attractive. Their natural sexuality affects the weaker sex to the heart. And few women are able to stand before their spell. But what sort of a woman choose a man-Scorpion?
What's the sign for a man-Scorpio

Who can like the man-Scorpion

Magnetic sexuality is one of the basic characteristics of the zodiac sign Scorpio. Therefore, from lack of female attention, even the most outwardly unimpressive guy-Scorpio does not suffer. But the representatives of this sign to achieve will only the woman need to be overcome. And availability and their obsession only alienate. But, winning you as a valuable and expensive trophy, Scorpio will demand the absolute allegiance and obedience to him in everything. You will have to combine yourself to a fabulous beauty and gentleness, independence and originality, strength of character and softness, practicality and, of course, loyalty.

To live with a male Scorpio can be only a great love, or to sustain it is difficult. But this representative of the stronger sex is able to easily convince a woman of deep and durable feeling. And if you can bear its complicated nature, you will be rewarded a hundred times and during the life find out what life in Paradise.
Alas, the Scorpion obligations of fidelity, as a rule, does not take. It will be solely your destiny.

The man-Scorpion and his fiancee

Astrology believes that the best man the Scorpion can approach a woman with Cancer. This is a responsive partner, calm, loyal and completely independent. All these qualities will soften the natural aggression of the partner and will help to smooth out any roughness in a relationship. It is the most successful Alliance, which may develop into a perfect marriage.

A female Fish can also be a great friend for the man-Scorpion, giving all leadership to your partner. Most importantly, the Fish not too worried inside all the resentment and betrayal that the account will not be in this marriage. It is important not to respond with insult for insult, and even more to do it openly. Scorpio will not think twice about your reasons of unacceptable behavior, and will immediately arrange a divorce, even if the interior will be hard to get over a breakup.
Scorpio – the sign of the Water Trigon. This Trigon is distinguished by depth of feeling, passion, mystical tendencies. Therefore, best male-Scorpio feels with a woman sign her element.

Well suited to Scorpio and female Capricorn. Here the base will be sexual compatibility and similarity of certain traits, such as ambition and assertiveness. But restraint and stability of Capricorn will be able to tame the excessive emotionality of Scorpio. In this Union there is no room for sentimentality and excessive sensitivity. And it's a great platform for a strong marriage.

The female lion is very attractive to men-Scorpion. But the temper of both signs would be a bad basis for Union. And the Lionesses need a lot of attention, respect and even worship certainly does not resonate with the Scorpio. To get away from each other, these two rabid egoist will without hesitation, but with great regret.

Advice 2 : What zodiac sign fits the Scorpion

Scorpio is not the easiest sign of the zodiac. He has a complex character, a very clear idea of what is right and what is wrong, therefore, to find a suitable partner for him can be very difficult. We can say that the Scorpion is less and more inappropriate characters.
What zodiac sign fits the Scorpion
For example, a solid Union between Aries and Scorpio is almost impossible because the RAM is constantly satisfied partner jealousy, and rolls his scandals. Such a Union has a future, but only if Aries is able to tame his emotions.
Taurus for Scorpio is too strong personality. Him difficult to look down. This is what gives a chance to this relationship if Taurus would be too stubborn and will not pay attention to the antics of the Scorpion.
Gemini — too insecure sign for Scorpio. In the relationship with the Twins is bright, passionate Scorpio quickly becomes boring.
Cancer is one of the most compatible signs with Scorpio. The relationship between them usually erupt very quickly and last for a long time. Scorpio gives Cancer energy, Cancer and balances your partner.
Leo is too proud and independent for Scorpio. The arrogance of this zodiac sign often becomes a stumbling block, so the relationship between these zodiac signs is rarely cloudless. However, if they find a common language, together can conquer the world.
Virgo — quiet, meticulous sign of the zodiac, which can give the Scorpio confidence in the future day. The relationship between these characters can be successful if initiated by them will be the virgin.
Between Scorpio and Libra rarely develop a relationship of trust. Filled with the energy of Scorpio does not understand the apathy and laziness of the balance. This Union is possible if one of the partners is willing to make concessions.
Between two Scorpios are often fleeting flash and a very rapid novels. Such unions are very destructive in nature, so rarely are for a longer period.
Between Sagittarius and Scorpio can develop a good, solid relationship, if Scorpio get used to the freedom of Sagittarius. Any attempt to impose any restrictions will lead to the immediate collapse of relations.
Quiet bossy Capricorn can be an ideal partner because in a relationship with him, the struggle for leadership and boldness of Scorpio just switch off. However, in this case a very important common interests.
The Union of Aquarius and Scorpio rarely works out well. Optionally, the dispersion of Aquarius irritate the Scorpio, which leads to constant quarrels.
In a relationship with a Pisces Scorpio can feel like a protector, an unusual role for him may be enough to interest this sign of the zodiac that gives you the chance for a strong and long Alliance. If the Fish, this distribution of roles does not like, such relationships quickly disintegrate.
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