You will need
  • - employment history;
  • - SNILS;
  • - data on contributions to the pension Fund;
  • documents of marriage;
  • - documents about the birth (death) of children;
  • - documents for special working conditions;
  • - military ID;
  • - documents on education (diplomas) and practical training.
As a General rule one month before reaching retirement age you should contact the human resources Department where you work. Personnel required to collect your documents and send them to customer service of the pension Fund in the area where the employee resides or was.
If a citizen does not work or human resources is not engaged in the design of pension to the employee, you can contact the FIU themselves. For this you need to collect the maximum number of documents, beginning with the work book for the entire period of work (books can be several) and ending with the birth certificates of children, including those that are not alive.
If the documents are not collected in full, client services officer will write a memo what documents and in what time frame needs to provide. The pension Fund will need to write a statement of purpose of pension. If not provided all documents the employee will take the application with the "missing".
For assignment of pension minor (pensions for loss of breadwinner, for example) or incapacitated citizens (disability) appeal their legal guardians. They also fill in the application in the pension Fund, but contribute to the form data of the pensioner, but also their own.
Within one month after the filing of the application with all the required documents, the pension will be assigned and sent to you for payment. To get the first "retirement" will be in the next month (e.g. birthday in February, and the pension first will come in March)