Advice 1: How to lose 7 kg in two weeks

Diet for two weeks, which will allow you to lose 7-8 kg.

This diet is called "Japanese" (it was designed in the clinic", Alo", or "AECS"), although traditional Japanese menu has very little to do with . The duration of the diet – 13/14 days. During this time, subject to strict and consistent enforcement of the You simply and effortlessly lose weight 7-8kg, that is up to 4 kg per week. For reviews losing weight, diet tolerated quite easily and causes a burst of energy. That's why she is consistently in the top ten most effective diets in the world.

Of course, those with a sweet tooth will not be easy (sweet and flour is strictly forbidden), but the result will not keep itself waiting long. Due to the fact that foods consumed without salt, reduced hunger and prolongs the feeling of satiety. All of the products forming the basis of the diet available and can be purchased at the nearest supermarket.

Diet has a very varied menu that is low calorie and contains less than 1200 kcal.
Diet menu:
Day 1:
Breakfast – Cup unsweetened black coffee;
for lunch – boiled hard-boiled two eggs; boil the cabbage, pour vegetable oil; a glass of tomato juice or 1 tomato;
for dinner – boil or fry the fish.

Day 2:
Breakfast – Cup unsweetened black coffee, one rye toast;
for lunch – boiled or fry fish; to make a vegetable salad or cabbage with vegetable oil;
for dinner – boil 100 grams of meat (lean beef); a glass of skim kefir.

Day 3:
Breakfast – Cup unsweetened black coffee, one suharik;
lunch – fry the large zucchini;
for dinner – boil 2 eggs; boil 200 grams of meat (preferably lean beef); salad from fresh cabbage with vegetable oil.

Day 4:
Breakfast – a Cup of black coffee;
for lunch – boiled egg (or soft-boiled); boil 3 large boiled carrots, watered vegetable oil;
15 g of cheese;
dinner – fruit (any, except bananas and grapes).

Day 5:
for Breakfast – raw carrots with lemon juice;
for lunch – boiled or fried fish; a glass of tomato juice or 1 tomato;
dinner – fruit (any, except bananas and grapes).

Day 6:
for Breakfast – a Cup of black coffee without sugar;
lunch – half boiled chicken; salad from fresh cabbage or carrots;
dinner – 2 hard boiled eggs, a glass of grated crude carrots with vegetable oil.

Day 7:
Breakfast – Cup of tea without sugar;
for dinner – boil 200 grams of meat (lean beef), fruit (any except bananas and grapes);
for dinner any of the menus, except for dinner the third day.
From 8 th to 13-th day to repeat the entire diet starting from the 6th day. After leaving the diet should gradually expand the diet.
The creators guarantee that in two weeks there will be a full "reboot" metabolism, there will be a restructuring of the organism to a new mode of operation and recovery of the organism, thanks to which You will be able to keep the weight for 2-3 years without any further effort.
The basic rules of diet that you should adhere to for 13 days:
-strictly follow a menu to make any changes and not to confuse the sequence of days and not to change the diet for Breakfast-lunch-dinner; only in this original form diet gives you the promised result – minus 7-8 kg;
-between meals you can drink mineral or boiled water (unlimited); drink more water: paradoxically, the more water You drink, the less it accumulates the body, plus, water reduces appetite;
-do not add salt dishes;
-it is forbidden to eat sugar, alcohol, starchy and sweet.

If you broke the diet by eating at least one small cookie or a glass of wine, a diet will have to start over from day 1. Despite all limitations and difficulties, the result is worth it.

Before any diet you need to ensure that You have no chronic disease, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, or endocrine system, so consult your doctor.
Useful advice
If You have contraindications to the use of coffee, replace it with green tea, which in addition is rich in antioxidantany and vitamins.
Note that more than two weeks to sit in the Japanese diet is not recommended. It is also advisable to take during the diet multivitamin.
Diet is low carb, so it's best to reduce physical exertion.

Advice 2 : How to lose 10 pounds in a week without harm

Hated to lose a few pounds in a week is difficult, but it is possible. You have to remember about willpower, to review the system of your diet and go through a series of procedures.
How to lose 10 pounds in a week without harm


Many people believe that to lose 10 pounds in a week will only hunger strike. In the complete refusal of food weight loss is from 500 g to 1.5 kg per day. However, for many the hunger strike for one reason or another is unacceptable. There is a solution – completely rethink your diet and for at least one week replace the traditional solid liquid food: milk, vegetable juices and broths. To adhere to such a diet can only be healthy people. She gives a strong diuretic effect.

1st day: throughout the day you can drink only a liter of milk of any fat content.
2nd day: 200 g cottage cheese, 4 cups freshly squeezed carrot juice.
3rd day: a liter of mineral water without gases.
4th day: 4 boiled potatoes in their skins, 4 cups freshly squeezed carrot juice.
5th day: 5 green apples, 2 cups of carrot juice or mineral water without gas.
6th day: 200 g of boiled chicken breast, 4 cups of carrot juice. Salt is completely eliminated.
7th day: a liter of kefir.

By following this diet, do not forget to drink every day plenty of fluids. It would eliminate toxins.

We go to the bath

A visit to the baths at a time will help to throw as much as two pounds! However, the decrease in weight will occur due to release of toxins and excess water. However, the bath will trigger the acceleration of the metabolism and make body fat literally "melt". Below bath brought the desired effect, there is one caveat – take it on an empty stomach. Before entering the steam grate body honey mixed with salt. If you want to lose weight, from a cold shower after the sauna should be abandoned. After a bath, for two hours you should refrain from taking liquids and food.

Special procedures

To throw off 10 pounds in a week without harm, a special treatments offered by many beauty salons and clinics of aesthetic medicine. Special attention deserves non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction, which is based on the ability of ultrasound to work on adipose tissue. The procedure is painless. During it occurs the splitting of fat cells and transfer them to a liquid state. Then the liquid fat is simply excreted from the body forever.

You should pay attention to the cryolipolysis, a procedure aimed at the breakdown of fat by the method of cooling. Its principle is enclosed in a strictly controlled and selective cooling of subcutaneous fat at the treatment site to 25 degrees. This leads to loss of viability of fat cells. Of course, before all these miracle procedures, you should obtain medical advice.

One should not write off the possibilities of physical exercises. Attacking the hated 10 kg on all fronts, you are guaranteed to get rid of them!

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