Standard gifts: flowers, chocolates, perfumes, soft toys, Souvenirs. Standard — does not mean bad. Besides, these gifts can serve as a Supplement to something original.
Money are often given to close family members. Or those who are very hard to please with a gift. Besides, there are people who are asked to give them money, and they themselves will buy what they need. The presentation was a little more interesting — you can write on the envelope, for example: "on a trip to Paris" or "new couch".
One of the most useful and functional gifts. On the other hand, buying a microwave, mixer or refrigerator, you give him no particular person, but of his whole family. Usually such gifts made to give to relatives when you know exactly what this thing is needed and haven't bought yourself. Well, romantics, waiting for a miracle, unlikely to be happy vacuum cleaner as a gift.
It can be decorative vases, beautiful glassware, paintings, bedspreads or linen. In this case, you need to know very well the taste of the birthday boy.
Gift certificates.
A perfect gift for girls — a certificate in Spa, store cosmetics or underwear. Distributed certificates to restaurants, clothing stores and bookstores. This gift will indicate its value.
Gym membership.
Gorgeous gift, if only the birthday boy yet such subscription and have at least a small desire to start a new life.
Tickets to the theater or to a concert. One ticket is not rid of, as in such places decided to go with the company. Therefore, it is better to give two tickets to the birthday boy could someone invite, and hope that he will invite you.
Individual Souvenirs.
You can order a mug, glasses, t-shirt and even a cake with any inscription or picture.
Something made with your own hands.
This can be, for example, a toy or salads in a beautiful package. This souvenir will be a great addition to the "money" gift.
It is not necessarily the geranium (although you can give her). In the sale is a beautiful large Yucca and dracaena, which will decorate any interior.
"Shared" gift.
If you go to the birthday company, we can negotiate and give one gift from everyone. Indeed, in this case it is possible to buy already something more substantial, make sure you have dreamed about it birthday boy.
That is not accepted to give.
Underwear, cosmetics give only close people.
To give a clock, towel, knife, pearl, mirror — a bad omen.
That "hints" at age such as wrinkle cream (even if it is very expensive).
That could offend people. Be very careful with "humorous" gifts.