If you dropped out to celebrate a birthday alone, make it special. The absence of a loved one or a noisy company does not mean that you need to live the day so that nothing reminded of it. Show love to yourself, add to the celebration of bright colors. For example, visit the best in your opinion the pub or organize a walk around the city in a posh limousine, clutching a bottle of champagne.
Make birthday beautiful and memorable. Think of the fulfillment of any desire you would like on this day. Plenty of opportunities, for example, to see some rare animal, to taste frog legs, see a play you've been wanting to get, to get on record for you height etc, for this you have to go to another country where you will get the gift of a long-awaited experience. In this case, start preparing for the trip in advance.
If in your plans there was a modest pastime, treat yourself to any tangible gift. Only let it be really desirable. For example, the fair half of mankind can be recommended to spend a day at the Spa or to buy a luxury dress, which earlier you could not afford it. And men, you can buy a bottle of some alcoholic beverage collectible, which is hard to get, etc.
But what if the birthday has already come and you still haven't figured out what to give yourself? First, smile at her reflection in the mirror and congratulate yourself with one of the most important days of the year. Second, try to spend it without worries, reduce, or defer to tomorrow everyday problems, wear the most beautiful outfit and go for a walk. Along the way you will come across any restaurant, coffee shop, cinema or Park where you can relax and have fun without worrying about business.