If you already bought a gift, but have absolutely no idea how to teach, then start with the design. For example, decorate the room beautifully. It is not necessary to do a new repair, move furniture, etc. Buy a lot of different balloons, colored ribbons and, if the gift is a girl, flowers. All this hang and arrange all over the room. But will look much more impressive when jewelry made of ribbons and beads from one room will go smoothly in different where it will be the ultimate gift.
From candles or light bulbs(you can take Christmas) put the inscription: "happy birthday!". If the gift is small, then the place where it stands, make a distinct and noticeable on the General background of the room. It is also possible to furnish the candles.
To further immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere, do not forget about yourself. Sold a lot of holiday items that you will need: masks, false noses, whistles, some things on the head and .t.d. When all the guests will be with different accessories, even if the person was not much joy and willingness to celebrate a birthday, then it all will appear.
If we are talking about the greeting, you can do it two ways: either simply to congratulate, or to associate the greeting directly by the gift. With a simple greeting is enough to read conventional poetry, to say simple words, which often for everyone, and to give a gift.
But if we are specifically talking about the very thing before you donate, we can say the words that will contain either a serious or a humorous description of the subject. Because it's the birthday, it is desirable to apply the second method. Even in the most serious or ordinary gift, you can find a bit of humor. If you decide to give simple pots, it is unlikely that someone will remember. But if say the pan is magical, and in order to make delicious food, they need a few degrees to shift to the North, it is a rather unusual description in memory for a long time.
And most importantly, no matter how you congratulated the man, do so heartily.