If we decide to do with their hands a postcard in the technique of "scrapbooking". It is a technique of making three-dimensional postcards with your own hands from different materials. To begin, select the color scheme of the cards and the idea for her. Prepare materials for cards so that they all lay close, and did not have to stand up for them.
Start manufacturing. Take a basic paper A4, smoothly, with a ruler, fold it in half. It will be our blank postcards.
Then cut out the small details for decoration of paper of another kind. If we do a themed picture of the applique, cut out of this picture. For example, when the image on the postcard spring opening we will need details of wood, grass, sun, flowers and clouds. You can use not only paper but also thread (e.g., grass) or cotton (for the clouds).
In order to liven up our picture, apply the glitter gel (or nail Polish) in some details. For example, in clouds, or the sun, or a flower.
Then leave the card out of the blue, it dried up, and at this time writing for the birthday personal greeting, or a personalized toast that will read the donation of our gift.