Intellectual-thought gift

Of course, such gifts are literary publications, and to find out what genre he prefers grandpa, you can, for example, my grandmother. Fit electronic library, and in order to save his grandfather's vision, give him audiobook. You can also purchase checkers, backgammon or set of charades if they are to his liking.

Practical gift

These gifts will appeal to any man over the age of 40 because at this age, practicality is valued above romanticism. Comfortable chair for garden, waterproof boots, umbrella, leather wallets (and is the secret to consult with my grandmother about what's on your mind grandpa) is fine. If grandpa behind the wheel, car organizer, seat covers, extra mats in the cabin or portable car wash is a great gift.

Technological gift

Technology marching forward in leaps and bounds. Universal adapter for connecting different devices, satellite TV boxes, mobile phone new model will surely delight the birthday boy. It is important that it was easy to learn to use the innovation.

Sports gift

Many grandparents keep in shape even in advanced age, especially a good charge of vivacity for life, they got restless looking after grandsons and granddaughters. For such a physically cultural grandparents in modern shopping centres offer a choice of hundreds of exercise machines (exercise bikes, dumbbells, barbells, expanders and so on). Many will like gym clothes or sneakers. However, easy might like a set of badminton or table tennis.

Household gift

It is important to clarify what the role of a grandfather more comfortable to be in. An avid traveler finds the binoculars, GPS, compass. Amateur to build something with your own hands – mower, garden tools, planer, or electroelastic, sander or drill. The angler is always a new fishing rod and other devices for successful fishing.

However, reflecting on the theme of gifts in the birthday note that is unexpected and beautiful and necessary things – that's very lovely and very nice. But if the grandfather at 70, he does need your attention and care. Try to see grandfather more often, and then to choose a gift will be easier.