Travelling with children when choosing a hotel it is necessary to pay attention to its family orientation. This means that in the description of the facilities will not be daily discos and corporate events. But will work a kids animator in a special room on the territory there is a place for playgrounds or mini-zoo. And also wish you in the room will provide a baby cot, a baby food warmer and other necessary accessories. In the suburbs this holiday will offer you: holiday hotel Istra Holidey on the Leningrad highway, VKS-Kantri in Nizhny Novgorod, Foresta festival park in the South suburbs.
If the kids want not only to relax but also to learn new things, go to the Park of birds "Sparrows" on the Kaluga highway. On the vast territory is a unique Park where you can admire a variety of birds and exotic animals. But if one day getting to know them, you will not be enough, you will be able to stay in a hotel. If you can break free from Moscow only for a day, the same the Kaluga road, but closer is ekzotik-Park – zoo with exotic animals. A big plus of this zoo is that it is located outside the city and even on the weekend there are no large crowds of visitors. So this place can be a great alternative to the congested Moscow zoo.
If you are looking for solitude from urban bustle, you can relax in the specialised Spa hotels. Usually come to such places to improve health and beauty, take a leisurely swim in the pool. And make no mistake about it, that the country hotels do not find good people. Industry luxury beauty stepped far beyond the Moscow ring road. In this you will see the hotel Mistral in Istria, having been in the natural resort "Yahonty" in a five-star Imperial Park Hotel & Spa. But when choosing your hotel, be careful: many hotels attributed the word spa is only because they have a pool.
For lovers of extreme sports opened doors in the ski resorts of the Moscow region. Of course, it is not necessary to look in Moscow region these mountains, steep descents and beautiful scenery. But work out before the serious races, and just spend time usefully you can. In this sense, is rich in such resorts Dmitrovskoe direction: Sorochany, Volen, Stepanovo, Yakhroma.