You will need
  • passport, the right establishing documents on the apartment, the statement of claim to the court, a positive decision of the court.
It is easiest to wait until the end of the term of the contract. In this case, even doing nothing will have withdrawal from registration by place of residence automatically. If the tenant voluntarily moves out, it can be evicted by means of police as unregistered.
Before the expiration of the temporary registration of a citizen can be written on a voluntary basis. This will only need his passport and a statement. So try to negotiate with your tenant amicably.
If an agreement is not obtained, and prior to the expiration of the Treaty a lot of time, there is only one option – to file a lawsuit in court. The judge's decision will be in your favor only if you have a good cause of action. According to the housing code of RF the ground is the use of the premises for its intended purpose (as a warehouse, shop, or manufacturing), the deliberate deterioration of living housing and delivery of housing for rent to third parties, without the consent of the owner. Don't forget that any of these grounds requires documentary evidence, or testimony. If your tenant doesn't pay the bills, you can still file a claim for the recovery of his money. Please be evidence.
In that case, if the judgment was rendered in your favor, and the temporary registration of a stranger in your apartment stopped, you need to contact the passport office with this decision, and the officer will have to issue your tenant.
The last step is an appeal to the court bailiffs. You need to show them the court decision and they evict unwanted persons from your apartment in the enforcement procedure.