Registration accounting of citizens of Russia and foreign citizens entering the territory of the country, deals with the migration service. However, to optimize the workflow and organization of the availability of state services of registration of documents on "place of residence" can take the officers of management companies, TSZH or housing Department. In the remote villages to register and the head of the settlement.
In the Russian passport a stamp about registration is only considered in the case of a permanent "registration" at the place of residence, and is a citizen of the owner of the dwelling or use it for lease or social recruitment is not important.

For stamps in the passport are reserved as much as 8 pages five through 12, followed by information on military duty.
Print on registration is unified and is a rectangular stamp with the established government resolution details. The header must be full or officially the name of the authority that carried out the registration. Until 2008, it could have OVD, ROVD, VOLUME and even PVS (passport visa service) since 2008 the Federal migration service of Russia.
Then follow the printed lines, which are filled in by hand. They contain information about the village, where was a citizen, and the registration address (street, house number, housing, buildings, apartments, rooms, section). The bottom two lines are reserved to indicate the date of registration and signature of an official without her transcripts.
When registering at the place of stay ("temporary residence permit" in case a citizen does not wish to leave home, but will be more than 90 days to live in another place) seal not put in the passport, instead of a Certificate of registration at the place of stay. This is usually a sheet of A5 format, printed on thick paper or thin cardboard.
It contains the personal data of the citizen, as well as information about the period of temporary registration and "new" address. A statement on this temporary register is carried out by a person who provides shelter, but gives the document the same migration service, assuring him a red seal with the details of territorial division in which the application was filed on registration.