Mineral glass is molten quartz sand of natural origin with various additives. The finished glass has strength, resistance to radiations, excellent optical qualities and is extremely resistant to abrasion. Besides, his big plus is that it significantly reduces the UV flux. Form mineral crystals does not change with time.

Of all known materials for the manufacture of lenses in mineral glass is much easier handled due to its own strength. Besides his own strength to provide for visual perception, free from deformations. This means that the lens provides its own strength points, not just the frame.

In addition to the optical industry, mineral glass is widely used in the manufacture of watches. Dials 90% of all watches are covered by a transparent protecting this glass. Perhaps that is why it is called "conventional" because of its widespread distribution. Primarily this is because the load from its permissible value glass at best will remain intact, and at worst just crashes. However, there are special technologies of surface treatment of glass, which increase its strength and make even invulnerable to scratches.

Mineral glass, thanks to its easy handling and large reserves of raw materials has a relatively low cost. Therefore, it is produced in large quantities and of all sizes.

Children, drivers and active leisure people glasses of mineral glass to wear contraindicated, as in a strong blow it can break into tiny shards and cause damage to the lens of the eye. In addition, the glass has a high weight, which can lead to discomfort when wearing the lenses of this material.