You will need
  • Glass, river sand, Board, goods, water.
To make the frosted glass can be chemical, mechanical, and using a sandblaster. At home safe is a more mechanical method, which uses abrasive paste or sand.
Prepare polished glass for grinding is 4-6 mm. Place on a completely flat surface. Under glass place a thick cloth.
Nail-size glass thin spatini. Then, the glass will not move on the surface of the table.
Take sand and sift it through a sieve to become homogeneous. Best suited river sand. It will be more smoothly to scratch glass, as the edges are trimmed and smoothed with water. Ideal for grinding glass suitable corundum sand. It can be obtained from shattered grinding wheel. Round in advance macerate very well.
Take a Board the size of 20x30 cm Board should be oak or beech. Then the grains are not strongly be pressed into it. For shipping can use anything. If only the cargo was well pressed the Board to the glass.
On the glass, pour the sand and moisten it with water. To wet sand, place a wooden Board on top, place the cargo. Parallel to the side edges of the glass slide Board. Do not use a circular motion that will lead to the formation of concentric circles, visible in the glass. Moisten the sand as it dries.
Periodically stop and review the process of matting. To do this, carefully clean off the sand and check the glass to the light. Glass matting keep on trying until you get a desired result.
Another method of matting is that on the glass smeared with a slight layer of paper glue. Next, you need to quickly and evenly distribute it on the glass. Glue (liquid glass) reacting with the solid surface, do not remove leaves a thin frosted layer. This method is not suitable for grinding glass of large size.
In the shop you can buy a variety of formulations for grinding glass. They require careful handling, because of the content of chemical substances. You can use lapping compound with an abrasive, which is used by motorists. These pastes are sold in sets, choose the smaller of them.