Keep the item in your hand. Rhinestone touch very cold in contrast to conventional glass. The patricians of Ancient Rome used to heat the crystal balls to cool the hands. Therefore, the product glass will heat up in the palm of your hand much faster item from natural crystal.
Carefully consider the product. Air bubbles, small inclusions will be talking about the authenticity of the stone. Because perfectly transparent flawless products are likely to be high-quality imitations.
Crystal is a very hard mineral. On the Mohs scale, harder it only Topaz, corundum and diamond. Slide the crystal on the glass surface. It should remain scratch.
Rhinestone order of magnitude stronger than glass. However, to try it on the strength of not worth it. Crystal products can also shatter like glass.
If you buy the dishes of rock crystal, will definitely consider it in the light. Glass has white, and in daylight has no color shades.
Gently tap the glasses together. Crystal products will emit a clear, ringing, and most importantly – a long sound.
Wet fingers in water and move them on the surface of crystal products. It's supposed to mimic the ringing of a faint sound. Regular glass doesn't sound like it.
In appearance rhinestone richer and nobler than glass. According to tradition, on the crystal surface is applied called cut uncomplicated drawings. Although it is not an indicator. Considered a classic smooth champagne glasses made of crystal.
The most faithful and effective way to determine the authenticity of the crystal is the examination, during which experts with a high degree of probability will determine the fake.