You will need
  • - a light bulb or flashlight;
  • - the battery;
  • - two wires.
To check shungit, you need to remember that its main distinguishing characteristic is the ability to conduct electricity, in other words, conductivity. At minerals, it is extremely rare. To check you need to have a small light bulb or a flashlight, two wires and a battery. Gather from all this is simple electrical circuit (light bulb – wire – battery) and consistently attach to it shungite.
First, check that the electrical circuit without shungite. If the light stays on, it means that you did everything correctly. Now connect the thin (light – wire – stone – wire – battery). If it burns now, before you a true mineral. If not, it is a fake or the quality of the stone is very low. In any case, to buy it makes no sense.
In appearance even the expert not always can precisely define, shungite whether he sees before him. The fact that apparently forgery is very similar to this mineral. If you buy a separate stone or product thereof, and, for example, shungite gravel, it should be dusty. Shungite is very hard and brittle, so inevitably there is a slight abrasion of gravel, leading to the formation of small dust particles. If the stones break easily, they are probably real.
Quite often, shungite has streaks of Golden brown. This sulphate of iron, is constantly found among the formations of shungite. For this reason, some shungites can be a bit of rust if not dried after infusion of water. The presence of such streaks is not a sign of forgery.
Schungite water is useful, and quite often people buy the stone for its production. If you insisted the water for several hours, and her taste has not changed, then your stone is of poor quality or is fake. To insist water on this shungit takes 12 hours, and then it noticeably changes the taste.