Fake as a rule, mechanical watches are known for Swiss plants. The cost of the original models starts from 20 thousand rubles, and it may not be the chronograph, inlaid with precious stones in the range of 20-30 thousand rubles sell a simple Swiss watch with a small dial diameter. Copies of these hours are not of good quality, and their cost rarely exceeds 1500 rubles.
These fakes are easily recognizable by the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the body, movement and bracelet. Even with the naked eye you can see a vague, if not absent, labelling, cardboard dial, cheap leather strap.
1500-5000 roubles is the price of good hours, which are copies, even the look is quite Swiss. If you are not familiar with in hours, models for 3 or 5 thousand rubles may seem to you high-quality copies, is able to impersonate a real Patek Philippe or TAG Heuer.
But for the man who held in his hands at least once the real Swiss watches, is unlikely to be difficult to identify a fake at this price, even at a distance. The fact that the sapphire glass original models expensive hours made in Switzerland not subject to mechanical stress. It remains perfectly clear, and mineral glass fakes quickly collects on itself the slightest scratch.
For 7-15 thousand you can buy a very high-quality copy of hours Vacheron Constantin, but first think believing someone that you have your wristwatch with the brand name, the cost of the most simple model which is 300 thousand rubles? But from this, and pushes, trying to recognize a copy of the good hours – the real Swiss are very expensive, and what is the price of a particular model, it is not difficult to find in the online store.
But what if you offer to buy the alleged a real clock with hands at a very attractive price? In this case it is better to consult a specialist, because eyes sometimes very difficult to determine forgery. And for someone in hours, it is enough to inspect the watch, and in some cases and mechanism.