The quickest way to Bugulma on the airplane, the benefit of direct flights enough. Every day, four planes of airlines "Tatarstan" and "AK bars Aero" fly from the capital airport "Domodedovo". Flight flight "Moscow — Novosibirsk" is 1 hour and 45 minutes.
There's another alternative — the bus. Three times a week from the Kazan station to the flight "Moscow — Novosibirsk". Journey time is around 25 hours. So long have to go largely because of the difficulty of the course and the imperfections of the road surface.
You can also use the bus which goes every day on the route "Moscow — Chelyabinsk". In this case, you have to get off at the stop "Bugulma. The route".
Well, those who decided to get to Bugulma long-distance trains must sit on the flight "Moscow — Chelyabinsk", which is two times a day departs from the Kazan station of the Russian capital. It is necessary to go to the station "Bugulma", journey time is 23 hours and 25 minutes.
If you go from Moscow to Bugulma on the car, there are several options on how to reach your destination. In the first case it is necessary to move on the highway M5 "Ural" through Ryazan, Penza and Samara, and then follow the signs. This trip will take about 22 hours due to the fact that the road surface in some areas is not very good quality and you can not develop the normal speed.
Under the second option, to Bugulma you can get on the highway M7 "Volga" through Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary and Kazan. And from the capital of Tatarstan all the time to follow signs that will lead to Bugulma.
There is a third option. Though he is a bit roundabout, but the road there is excellent, so you can get there even faster than in the first and second cases. On the highway M7 "Volga" it is necessary to get to Ulyanovsk, and there is a small and narrow roads to drive from Bugulma. Time, as has been said, it will take no more than when driving on major highways.