The most universal solution is to send the writ to the bailiffs (municipal, district, on) at the location of the defendant won the suit (place of residence or stay for individuals; the legal address, address of branches and representative offices of legal entities) or at the location of his property.
If the Executive document envisages the obligation to perform certain actions or to refrain from doing, should contact the U.S. marshals service at the place where these actions are to be done.
Specific addresses can be found on the websites of the Federal service of court bailiffs (FSSP). If you define a unit of service in which you want to transfer the writ of execution fails, it can be sent to the address of regional management FSSP. Out the Executive document should be forwarded to the destination.
If you know where the debtor has an account or contribution of the Executive document can be sent immediately to the relevant Bank (or another credit institution).
Finally, the writ of execution providing for the recovery of funds by the Treasury of the Russian Federation, should be sent to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, at the expense of Treasury of the Russian Federation or municipal Treasury in the financial body of a constituent entity or a municipality. Documents providing for the recovery of claims against public institutions, should be passed to the authority responsible for keeping the account of the institution.