You will need
  • - the writ and a copy thereof;
  • - statement to the accounting Department;
  • - Bank checks, and receipts.
If you are awarded to pay the plaintiff, you may voluntarily submit an application at the place of work on the transfer of the amount of debt a fixed monetary amount or as a percentage. Instead of application, you may submit a copy of the writ. You monthly will calculate the appropriate amount, and transfer into a savings account or post office address of the claimant.
If you are awarded to pay to the Executive a sheet of alimony in favour of children or disabled parents, then one child or parent will calculate 25% of the amount of your income remaining after tax. For two children or parents – 33%, for three or more 50% or a fixed monetary amount if the court ruled that the payments will be made in a fixed amount due to your unstable income.
According to article 138 of the labour code you can't deduct more than 50% of the amount of income. Only in exceptional cases with the amount of income can calculate 70%. Exceptional cases include payments to the plaintiff while serving in a penal colony because of the damage, the presence of arrears of child support; payment of damages associated with the death of the breadwinner; the damages caused by the severe injuries suffered by the plaintiff.
If you are not working, you can make transfers. If you are awarded the interest rate on the Executive sheet, the enumeration may not be less than the amount of the minimum wage (SMIC). Or you can make payments in fixed amounts, where such order was made by the court.
Do not give money to the plaintiff from hand to hand. You should have confirming receipt of your payment, so make enumeration a Bank or postal money order and keep all receipts.
If you do not have funds to pay for Executive sheet, the bailiffs have the right to make an inventory of your property and implement it on account of repayment of debts on Executive sheet. Also have the right to arrest all of your savings and make them account for debt by writ of the sheet.