You will need
  • - a copy of the writ certified by a notary;
  • - registered letter with the investment inventory;
  • - statement by the bailiffs;
  • - your passport;
  • - the original writ.
You can present the writ to the debtor, but you should follow some certain actions. The most suitable option to provide the debtor with the writ of execution is to send him a copy sheet registered letter with the investment inventory.
This letter will be handed to the debtor a receipt, and he can't refuse, got all personally. You can also file a writ to the Bank of the debtor, if you have information that he had there opened accounts or send a registered letter to the employer of your debtor. And all would be great, but the fact that after receiving the writ of execution and reading this document on judgement, not everyone will immediately proceed to its execution. And no formal methods of influence to get their funds you do not have rights. Besides, to submit the writ of execution only if the amount of debt does not exceed 25,000 rubles. So there is another option of obtaining money under a writ of execution.
Refer the application to the bailiff service. Present your passport, original Executive document. The bailiffs are empowered and can produce an inventory of the property and put it up for auction, the arrest of Bank accounts, to make compulsory employer of the debtor to execute the judgment by deducting from the salary in your favor, etc.
The bailiff shall within two months from the date of submission of the application to execute the judgment, then there is a guaranteed period of time during which you will get your debt.
Do not forget that the period of limitation for filing a writ of execution is three years. If after this period you have not had time to present it to the debtor and to him your debt, you will again have to apply to the court below on the basis of the decision made by these deadlines to increase.