Get a writ of execution. It is issued immediately after the decision in the case, but only after the statutory period for appeal the judgment has expired or a judge accepted the document in its final form, which entered into force immediately after its announcement. Write an application for issuance of a writ of execution, a sample of which you will find at the stand in the building of government offices. To it attach a copy of the court decision or email where issued, and the date of the judicial act and the case number.
Receiving a writ, go to the bailiffs. The procedure for bringing it to execution reglamentary Federal law of 02.10.2007 № 229-FZ "On enforcement proceedings". To apply, you can not in each service. Most often, the court indicated, where it will be accepted in the work document. You will be given addresses and phone numbers, which you will learn about the foster days. This is usually Tuesday and Thursday.
Write a statement about the initiation of enforcement proceedings against the debtor or the defendant in the name of the head of service. Put the data specified in the writ. Describe the activities that need to be made to the bailiff on the basis of an issued document, as well as details or the address to which it must transfer or deliver the collected possessions.
Give the original writ and the statement to the bailiff. Insist that he was assigned to a room. On it you will be able to track the progress on implementation of the regulations.
In accordance with article 36 of the Law on enforcement proceedings, the bailiff is obliged to recover in favor of the plaintiff specified in the writ, the property or money. However, in practice this is rarely done. Do not be lazy to go to the reception to the U.S. marshals service at least once every two to two and a half weeks. It will encourage its employees to begin work on your court order and execute the order in full.