You will need
  • Writ, duly executed; a statement on a Bank form or bailiff; passport
To the Executiveat the worksheet must meet certain requirements. Their full list can be found in the text of the Federal law "On enforcement proceedings". Therefore, receiving the Executive document on hand, be sure to check it out.
If you know which Bank the debtor has a valid account, you can forward the original writ of execution directly to the relevant Bank, enclosing also the statement about the recovery of funds from the account of the debtor to your advantage. A sample of such statements is likely to have experts of the Bank.
If such information, you are not, you have a right to know them to the tax authority at the place of the account of your debtor. Send back the application to request the required data and a certified copy of the writ. Within three days you will be given the required information.
On receiving your application the Bank no later than three days will transfer the required amount to the specified details, but if you have the account of the debtor money resources in sufficient quantity. Otherwise, the Bank would refund performance list with a mark about complete or partial non-performance.
To recover money for Executive sheet can also be through the court bailiffs, located at the location of the debtor. When submitting a writ of execution to the bailiffs ' service issued a statement to recover on the document. It specifies the Bank account details of the claimant, which will be listed funds. The debtor may Deposit the said amount in cash, handing them to the bailiff.
The police officer has three days from receipt of your application for the initiation of enforcement proceedings. Debtor and creditor will be sent a copy of the decision. If the debtor voluntarily fulfilled your demands within five days, the bailiff starts enforcement.
The police officer, which you will submit the case, there are two months to recover from the debtor the required amount of money. This period may be extended. If you are dissatisfied with the results of the police officer, you have the right to complain about his inaction in the judicial authority or senior bailiff-executor, according to the principle of subsidiarity.