Advice 1: Some banks in Russia send debit card by mail

Unlike credit cards, debit (which is only stored on the personal money of the citizen and does not include borrowed money) are not the product of willing banks sent by mail. The fact is that for banks it is not as profitable, unlike credit cards. Nevertheless, you can find several banks that agree to send debit card by mail, and not to torment the client in their offices.
Some banks in Russia send debit card by mail

General information

The majority of Russian banks provides an opportunity to its client to order a debit card by phone or from its official website, however for obtaining the card to the customer, as a rule, you still have to go to the nearest Bank branch.

However, in Russia there are some banks that are prepared to deliver a good debit card in the mail.

Tinkoff. The credit system

In addition to its core product – credit cards, the Bank "Tinkoff" is also issue debit cards. So debit card "Tinkoff Black" can be delivered by post to any region of Russia. This product was very attracted to its capabilities: the Bank promises to 8% per annum on the balance on the card to cash out money from 3000 rubles no commissions at the ATMs of any Bank, there is also a portion of the money back for any purchases.
Depending on the conditions of the Bank, the percentage of the refund to the card holder for purchases is from 1% to 30%.
In the presence of the Deposit on the card "Tinkoff Black" 30, 000 and above card service for free (otherwise charged 99 per month).


Debit card Visa "Oceanbank" can also be delivered to the customer by mail. Map provides the opportunity to pay for mobile communication, Internet, television and other services without commissions. On the map it is also possible to transfer electronic money with a minimum Commission – "Oceanbank" works with all leading payment system in online mode.


ZAO "QIWI Bank" is the possibility of the customers of the Qiwi payment system to a debit card in the mail. Create and send a plastic card with validity of 1 year will be only 100 rubles, which must be present on the user's electronic account in advance. Qiwi Visa Plastic allows its owner around the world to pay no fees in stores
The Commission is charged only for payments in foreign stores in rubles and is 2.5%
and cash card money at any ATM. While the amount on the card is always equal to the amount in the wallet. The card can instantly add from virtually any terminal in the territory of Russia, knowing only a phone number of its owner. A feature of the card is that it does not indicate the name and surname of the owner; however, problems with making payments, this should not cause.
Plastic card QIWI Visa type is Visa Instant Issue cards of international payment system Visa, which are impersonal, i.e. without specifying the name of the holder.


With the support already mentioned above, the Bank "Tinkoff" and MasterCard company "Yandex" releases its Bank card with a validity of 3 years and enables the user to obtain it by mail. The cost of making and sending is 149 rubles in any city of Russia. Product maintenance free. This card is not tied to a Bank account and electronic purse in system Yandex.Money. Therefore, the amount on the card is always equal to the amount in the wallet. Opportunities that will be of interest to the user are as follows: the card is premium, Gold (this means that its owner may enjoy additional privileges); moreover, the card uses the Pay Pass technology, which allows you to make payments in one touch in trade and service enterprises, where there is such a service. Also when using a Bank product from "Yandex" there is no fee for loading card or making cash payments. The Commission for cash withdrawal is 3% of the withdrawal amount plus 15 rubles, but not less than 100 rubles.


This product is similar to Yandex-money (probably because his support is also carried out by companies "Tinkoff" and MasterCard). But there are some exceptions. For example, the service card is also free, but only if it is actively used; in the absence of transactions on the card per year will be charged 350 rubles. Production and delivery of the card is 139 rubles in the Russian Federation.

Advice 2: How to get a debit card

To acquire a debit card will not be difficult. This will require a minimum of documents (enough passport with permanent registration) and time, perhaps that will have to wait its production. In some banks (particularly Sberbank) can practice binding office, where you can draw the map, to the place of residence. But most of this limitation.
How to get a debit card
You will need
  • - passport;
  • the money for the down payment (optional).
Selecting a Bank card which you want to make, type, and class of this product, contact its nearest branch and inform them about your desire. If, after a preliminary acquaintance with the conditions of issuance and servicing of cards you still have any questions, it's time to figure out all the paperwork.
Carefully read the documents that you propose to review (the contract, Bank fees, etc.). Ask them to clarify all the obscure points. Although a debit card, unlike creditNoah does not involve use of Bank money, only your relationship with credit institution - a financial question that could not be frivolous by definition.
If everything is clear and satisfied, sign the documents in the right places.
Card, if you have not paid its urgent issue (this service many banks offer for extra money) will be ready within weeks. This files most often have to pick her up at the Bank's office, after specifying the willingness on the phone. In some cases, it can also send to your specified email address.
If you connect to your Internet or mobile banking, you will also be issued access keys or steps to create them.

Advice 3: What Qiwi Visa Plastic

Card Qiwi Visa Plastic Bank is a very interesting product with many features. The ease of obtaining, ease of use, security, operations, binding to a common electronic currency cashless payments in shops without commissions - and much more makes this study debit card details. What we're gonna do now in the scope of this article.
What Qiwi Visa Plastic

General information

On the official website Qiwi stated that plastic card Qiwi visa plastic allows its owner to pay in stores and cash card money at ATMs around the world. While the amount on the card is always equal to the amount in the wallet.

The card is debit (i.e., credit to go minus with it does not). The application for benefits is easy to make in the personal Cabinet Qiwi. Then its manufacture from your e-account will charge 100 rubles (in that case, if you wish to receive the card by post of Russia), or 425 rubles (if the delivery of a plastic card you entrust to a courier). And after some you get a Qiwi visa plastic with a validity of 1 year.

Please note that the map has no name holder. However, any problems with your payments this will not occur.
Plastic card QIWI Visa type is Visa Instant Issue cards of international payment system Visa, which are impersonal, i.e. without specifying the name of the holder.

Instant and easy money transfer

For example, being in a far journey or trip, due to some life circumstances you may need money. You can ask your friends or relatives to translate them into your account and they can do it in just a few minutes, knowing only the number of your cell phone. The account number in the Qiwi coincides with the number attached to it phone. So familiar to your family room will become for them an additional proof that the money on the plastic card will come to you and not unknown to the attacker. The money will immediately appear on your card Qiwi visa plastic, in any time of the day. Neither you nor your loved ones will not need to go to any Bank or representative office of a money transfer system.

Comfortable family card

Card Qiwi visa plastic convenient to use if you want to keep under control the correct and proper use of pocket money of your children. One of Qiwi wallet you can bind up to 5 active cards. In your account on the Qiwi site in the section "Reports" you can also view the history and contents payments on certain cards. In addition, it is possible to give the maps have specific names (e.g. the names of your children) for better orientation in the family expenses. There is also a free SMS notification about the receipt/expenditure of funds.

A means of cashless payment without commissions

To withdraw cash from debit cards Qiwi can seem expensive.
Commission for cash withdrawal: 2% of payment amount + 50 RUB (regardless of the Bank, the ATM of which the client used when withdrawing cash).
But as a means of cashless payment – this card is very good. For payments in Russian stores, as well as payments made abroad in foreign currency, no Commission is charged.
The Commission is charged only for payments in foreign stores in rubles and equals 2.5%.

A handy tool for personal business

If you are freelancing or small business online and accept my job e-money card Qiwi visa plastic can be very useful to you. In addition, you can also bind to Qiwi-wallet account the other major payment systems of the Runet – WebMoney and Yandex-money (the binding is carried out by using a credit card Yandex). Transferring funds from the last to the account in Qiwi your earnings, you immediately have access to all your money with your plastic card and can make it through a non-cash purchase or cash out e-currency.

Advice 4: How to get a Bank card

To get a Bank card is not difficult. Enough to choose a Bank and type of card and apply to the nearest branch of the credit institution. After your conversation with the teller (or consultant) and filling out the necessary paperwork, the Bank will start making the card.
How to get a Bank card
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the presence of registration by place of residence;
  • - a pen (it is likely to give the Bank);
  • - money to pay for the services of the Bank.
Bank cards belong to different payment systems, the most common cards Visa and Mastercard. Maps of these systems can be used in any part of the world where there is a cash machine or device of reception of payments via Bank cards.
The main classes of payment cards: low (Visa Electron, Maestro), classic (Visa Classic, Mastercard standard) and preferred: Gold, Platinum, etc. the higher the class card, the more features and bonuses, its owner, the more expensive and annual maintenance. At low and middle income to pay for the privilege makes no sense.
Cards are also divided into credit and debit. The latter is also called the estimated. For debit card is only available to the owner his own money. The credit - money of the Bank provided to the client as a loan. There are also Bank cards with overdraft facilities: credit limit as a rule provided in excess of the balance on the card.
For processing payment cards be enough for your passport. You may need to immediately make payment of the annual maintenance. If you want a credit card, most will need one of the additional documents: the passport, the certificate on INN assignment, military ID, driver's license. The Bank may also wish to see documents proving your income.
When choosing a Bank must take into account the proximity of his office to home, work, etc., the number of ATMs in the city of residence (which in most areas is preferable to that which one ATM in the whole town), the availability and the breadth of the branch network in Russia, the possibility of withdrawing cash without interest in its ATMs and other banks in the country and abroad, the opportunity to control the account over the phone and via the Internet.
Of great importance are the reviews of other customers and his own impressions of visiting the Bank and talking to their clerks on the telephone. If you don't like something, it is better to choose another Bank. When studying the reviews, pay attention to exactly how banking product was used by his author. If a person has problems with the return taken from the Bank loan, it is unlikely that his review of the Bank will be positive.
When the choice is made, it remains to come to the Bank and tell the staff about his desire to get a card. In many banks there is an electronic queue, but there are also many where a live.
Bank employee will give you the documents that need to be filled and will look at your passport.
It is not excluded that will soon be paid in cash money for the card maintenance. But there are banks where it is optional, the money levied upon the first receipt of the account. Possible option when you need to make a minimum payment, especially on a map of the privileged class.
When done, the Bank starts issuing of the card. This process takes from three days to a week. Possible accelerated card issuance in the period from one day for a fee.
To obtain ready-made maps often have more time to visit the office. Many banks inform the customer about the readiness of the card on the phone, but not all. There are those who are willing to send cards by mail to the address of the client. In this case, it may require telephone activation.
Along with the card you will receive an envelope with the PIN code. It you will enter into the ATM to use the card. To see and know the PIN isn't needs nobody else but you.

Advice 5: How to open a Bank account via the Internet

When you open a Bank account without visiting the branch of the credit institution or at least a meeting with an employee will not work. However, in some banks you can reserve your account via the Internet, get its number and ask it to receive payments.
How to open a Bank account via the Internet
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - passport;
  • - other documents from the list offered by the Bank (not in all cases).
First you need to find a Bank that gives clients the opportunity. And I must say that as of mid-2011, such accumulated very little. Some banks, for example, "Alfa-Bank", accept online through your website requests from clients - physical persons for opening a Bank card, a credit organization, reserving through Internet accounts for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. For example, "Probusinessbank" and "trust".
In "Trust" the customer after the reservation gets the room account and will be able to include it in the account and make the payments. But to avail these money he has to complete the procedure will not work.
Finding the Bank with the ability to apply for a particular product online, fill out this form and wait until you will be contacted by a consultant. He will ask you questions, clarify everything that will fit, and will agree on further cooperation.
The most common option - your visit to the most convenient Bank branch (often you can choose when filling out the application). Rarely practiced, a meeting on neutral territory or exit of a Bank employee to your home or office - wherever you say. But the General rule is simple: a representative of the credit institution must see your original passport and make a copy. The option of sending or downloading of the scan is not good.
Your further actions depend on the type of banking product, which is tied to your account. If it is a plastic card both debit and credit, often you will have to visit the Bank's office to pick her up after manufacture. Rarely, the Bank will send it by mail to the address you specify, and even more rarely, and usually for a fee, deliver by courier. Lack of a card may be issued on the same day, at the same time issued a passbook or equivalent document.
If we are talking just about the current account, the day of the meeting with the employee of Bank will give out all the details and you just have to refill it with cash or transfer, or to wait for income.
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