As a rule, Georgian men attractive and temperaments, besides rarely restrict lifestyle of his lady, until she became the lawful wife. Passionate and vibrant relationships sometimes result in long-awaited proposal of marriage, and that's when wife-to-be should carefully weigh its decision. Find Georgians in Russia is not a problem, much more difficult to become the one, which he would propose.
The first thing to think about, where are they going to live. If a woman is moving home with her husband, her life will change very much. Even in big cities, where traditions hold, are not so strict, there are many limitations that you have just put up. In small regional centers, and especially the villages of customs attach great importance: first of all it concerns relations with male family members and some freedom of the woman.
In the families of the Georgians is almost always Patriarchy reigns, but it's not so bad, considering the immaturity and irresponsibility of many men from among our compatriots. Manifesting the feminine wisdom and softness, it is possible to live a long and happy life with her husband Georgian, for which a woman will feel, "like a stone wall".
To the fidelity or infidelity of the husband will also have to be treated differently than is customary in the vastness of our country. A small affair is not considered Georgians husbands cheating, and will not have to cause the slightest remorse. At the same time, the wife can not afford even a slight harmless flirting and have to be faithful to her husband, both body and soul.
Another unusual detail of family life with the Georgians is the fact that he usually did not participate in household work and has no wife in this matter no help. The education of children is the sole prerogative of the mother.
But, as in any matter, where all are guided by love, to such details can be adapted. But, Georgians, a vast majority of the revere family, the elderly, and, importantly, are Orthodox. So that the complications arising with my husband, the woman certainly will not. There are no female and male parts of the house, and the woman with the men involved in the lush and frequent holidays. As for parenting, then it is safe to count on their respect, as well as on the support and the support of her husband till the old age.