Advice 1: How to decide which one to marry

In Russia only in the XVIII century, Peter the First special decree banned forced marriage. But, even then, to choose the future husband of the girl did not start soon. Often marriages were by capture, the bride's parents took into account the antiquity of family, reputation and status of the future groom. To dance with a man at the ball and allow him to kiss her hand without a glove, it was almost tantamount to agreeing to marry him. Divorce was not accepted, and the future bride picked very carefully.
How to decide which one to marry

Do not hurry with the choice

Times and customs have changed, and for a long time girls can choose to marry someone, not listening to parental and public opinion. Freedom of choice, haste with your relationship and the wrong choice of the elect often end in disappointment, mutual resentment and divorce.

Dostoevsky wrote that the disappointment is a paltry payment for possible happiness. But is it really? In fact, in case of error, remain for long wounds, children, and women become afraid to start all over again and half carried out alone. If you feel that you are near a suitable marriage candidate, do not rush with your relationship. Take a look at it carefully. Because a good marriage is not only a splendid wedding and a beautiful white dress but also a piece of life that you live with this man under one roof. It's common joys and problems that you now have to divide in half.

Not superfluous will be to decide what purpose you want to get married? What exactly do you expect from marriage? For love or by calculation? To make a baby? Because all girlfriends long married already, aren't you? Or maybe just accepted, and you are afraid of public opinion? Or you are really confident that with this person you will be happy the rest of my life? Be sure to ask yourself these questions. This will help you to understand yourself and your true motives, and you will be easier to find a suitable candidate for marriage.

The financial side of the coin - for love or by calculation?

Some experts tend to believe that arranged marriages are more sturdy, but definitely not the happiest. If you decide to fix the marriage, their financial situation, you must think whether you are ready to live in a Golden cage? Otherwise, make sure the strength of your feelings. At the initial stage of a relationship we tend to idealize the chosen partner and to ascribe non-existent qualities and virtues. Time passes, the scales fall from the eyes, we realize that was wrong, and family boat breaks on life. Learn to take a sober look at his chosen, try to see it from the side and not biased to evaluate his strengths and weaknesses.

If you are confident in your choice, love each other and want to live happily ever after with my future husband not be superfluous to assess the financial condition and capacity of your men. Say, what's your favorite Paradise is possible even in a tent. Possible. But not for long. Don't be afraid to look selfish. The woman is almost always in the future mother. Be prepared for the fact that some time you will be incapacitated and devoted to the care of the child. Think about whether your husband is ready to provide you and the child. Besides, there is nothing that kills love and passion how the constant financial problems. Take into account the age of your chosen one. To be poor in twenty - this is normal. It only says that your lover was born in mink diapers. If he is over forty and he's still achieved nothing – most likely, it is diagnosed. Do not confuse sudden bankruptcy and poverty. The first – time, second – forever.

Strictly not necessary

Think about the shared interests, and most importantly - values. Do not have to have identical Hobbies, tastes in food or art. But it is better, if through life you'll look in the same direction. Your aspirations, ambitions and key principles and views on life should be the same. Otherwise scandals and the subsequent gap can not be avoided.

You should know that not all men are suitable for marriage or want to marry. And do not dream to build a life with a pathological bachelor. Especially if the man is aged and still have never been married. You may have stunning, filled with passion and romance, the novel, but for marriage it is unlikely. Exceptions happen, but rarely.

It would be nice to meet the parents of her future husband before the wedding. Take a look at the place of the woman - mother, sister, wife in this family. Most likely, the same will hereinafter hold true for you. If the mother's opinion too authoritative for your chosen one, and is a true last resort, do not hurry to rejoice. Most likely, you sissy.

Advice 2 : "Why did I marry him?!" Wedding romance

The marriage of Britney Spears and Jason Alexander lasted 55 hours. Renee Zellweger after 4 months, may know that Kenny chesney was the wrong move. According to the magazine "Glamour", a growing number of women, who soon after marriage, understand that the ceremonial "Yes" was a fatal mistake.
"Why did I marry him?!" Wedding romance

Wedding bait

Probably the world will not find a woman who would have never imagined myself a beautiful bride in a spectacular dress. The majority of women presents itself as "the heroine of a beautiful and unattainable Princess my entire adult life. Marriage, so they believe offer one of the best things and memorable compliments that they can get.

When it comes to the implementation of the wedding, suddenly everything becomes more complicated. You have gathered a crowd of guests who paid for the dress, food, music, received many gifts and heartfelt greetings, uttered the marriage vow. After that, you can hardly admit that after 2 weeks of browsing wedding pictures and think about what would be your life without a husband (and come to the conclusion that it is much better).

Shocking reality

After the wedding when you discover that marriage is not as "magical" as you thought, and requires the same effort and attitude (if not more) logically comes disappointment. Do not assume that marriage is the salvation and solution to many of the problems that you have encountered before. Before you say Yes, you both should be able to determine whether you want to be together for the rest of my life.

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