You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate from the registry office that you are married.
In recent years Europeans are of increasing interest to Russian men. They are attracted to its independence, do not require your date of payment for their whims, watching her appearance, doing sports and leading a healthy lifestyle, not wearing uncomfortable clothes and applying to the face a ton of makeup. Often Europeans even in forty years, look younger and lead a certain lifestyle – in my free time, attend concerts, go Hiking.
First, you need to find a foreigner that will agree to marry you. Of course, this is best done in person during a business trip or holiday abroad. There you will have a much better chance to meet a woman that you like, and place it on yourself.
If you rarely travel abroad, and the wife a foreigner want to find, you can apply to a marriage Agency or Dating online. In recent years, the popularity of Russian in Europe and America increased. This has contributed to films by Russian Directors, published in the world rolled, and the Russian students who went to study abroad, and oligarchs, who prefer to live in the West. Demand Russian guys have Englishwomen, French women, German women and women from Eastern Europe.
Your novel successfully developing you've done to your lady offer, and she said Yes. Left to put the coveted stamp in the passport, but the procedure is slightly different from the one that would marry you on the compatriot. If you are planning to get married in Russia, your sweetheart will need to do at home a certificate stating that she haven't tied the knot. In some European countries, similar certificate may require with you. If someone of you has been married before and then divorced, will require a document confirming this event. And of course, you and the bride will need a passport.