Azerbaijan is a Muslim state. Young people-Azerbaijanis are educated in the spirit of his countrymen: they revere their elders, value family and religion. Being outside their country, they can produce the impression of unbridled, loving, hot guys. All due to the fact that in which flows the hot southern Caucasian blood. Azerbaijanis are honest, brave, straightforward. These qualities can be scary, and at the same time, to attract Russian girls.
If the will of fate you fell in love with a guy Azerbaijani, you should know that maybe your serious relationship is doomed to failure. Muslims do not usually marry Russian girls and enjoying the closeness available to them, return home and find a young, faithful wife-a Muslim, which from birth brought up in the spirit of Oriental tradition and knows how to please her husband and how to build strong family life.
If you do not want your relationship was fleeting, first of all, don't be too available. If the guy is Azerbaijani in love for real, he can wait close to a girl as long as you need. And if you're a virgin, then it will double your value and appeal in his eyes.
If you want to build a serious relationship, then you should think about the change of faith. It will greatly facilitate your future life together, can help to position you to his relatives.
Don't forget that Muslim women have their own particular upbringing and behavior. Read special literature, it will help you adjust your behavior for the sake of a loved one. For example, the wife should be Azerbaijani Supreme pleasure, a consolation in sorrow, a reason for joy. She needs to equip the family nest to her husband it was nice to be there, to rest body and soul.
Met a guy-an Azerbaijani, you must put its interests and values above his own. Eastern men used to dominate, to be the first and main in everything, and in the family in the first place. His companion must be faithful and obedient, these are the main qualities of a good wife. She should be able to admire the man, even if he is not rich and not successful. Good wives of Eastern men bring rich gifts, surround them with tenderness and care.
Azeri girl needs to dress modestly and behave themselves on the people. Forget about short skirts and shirts above the navel - the guy is Azeri and this will not be tolerated. The main principle in the clothes of Muslim women - modest look and impress with its beauty at home. By the way, meeting with the Azerbaijani avoid frequent trips to the clubs, house and even in stores. A decent Muslim girl most of the time at home, dealing with children and household chores.